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Love is when reality is better than your dreams.

Blog posts.

Friday, November 30, 2007 11:08 PM

Today dance was GREAT!!!!
dancers, ue all really did a very best and ue did try ur best tuh do ur part :D
this is wat we dancing always do tuh eachother (: ILIKEIT, YAY!!..
we had our video taken (: Hahhas..but ie din recieve any file from my dance teacher (:
so~~~when ie had it, ie will show! :D
went tuh watch Enchanted with girlfriend (: IT WAS HOT! it so touching tuu!~~
when was watching the movie . a couple was sitting behind us...
OMG!~ dey was sooooooo disgusting...eeeewwww~

tok about today bahs!~ Hais.........................~
ie did hurt kwang so much =( dey told miie he cried for miie..
ie really dunnoe how tuh make my choice..SERIOUSLY!
if dey both was in one...ie will be very happy,but den it wasn't
JASON! ue scuker..ie'm asking ue the question so seriously and ue dun wanna answer miie
WTH!!! ie oly wanted tuh noe wat was the answer about,this oso cant be done?
ie'm trying NOT running away from other matter!
ie just want make up thing clear with ue,tats all ie wanted from ue T.T
ue killing miie in pain!

Thursday, November 29, 2007 11:29 PM

ie'm recovering soon lerhs ! YEAHS! :D
thanks for ur concerning pple ! (:
ILY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!*

Hais .tml is giving my answer tuh kwang lerhs..
dunnoe wat will derhs answer be,ie oly scare derhs answer will be hurting one person.
summore his friend BEG miie and asked miie give him a chance..
OMG!! cant believe siol!!!how gud friend he has man..tsk tsk
he must cherish his friends around him now..oly dey can take care of ue,alright!
JASON,IE HATE UE SIA T.T always ask ue serious thing ue dun wan say,
always say dunnoe..Hais .now happy liao luhs,ie end up like this..
will be be tgt again??????? HAIS~~~ie really wanted tuh noe derhs ans..
ie dun wan make any wrong choices for anyone else but oly ue.
ie really wish tat ie was derhs first one whu noe ue earlier den her..
but tuuuuuuuuuuuuu late lerhs......................................................=(
derhs smile ue always gaven miie and ie will still love ue with my heart*

181007 ; 10.36pm 我不会忘记你给过我快乐的一切.

ie love myself :/ LOLS!~

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 8:36 PM

IE'M SO SICK !!! =(
ytd was alright derhs..but when ie went tuh work,ie started be weak lerhs..
till now,ie still haven recover..Hais
ie toke tablet alrdy..but ie was very xinku.
ie cant sleep.
ie kip waking up..OMG! ie oso dunnoe whye will like tat leiis..
ie think derhs weather kip changing derhs tuu strong for miie tuh fight back lerhs bahs..
dunnoe when ie will recoving soon..Hahahahas.but nbms,sick oso gud,no nidd tuh do anything..
YAY!! ie was happy tat ie had alrdy in dancework for next year performance..ie will try my very best (:
quarrel with geraldDaddy today =( ie'm so sorry..Hais..
ie had forgotten ue did hate her so much...cox ie'm really very sick and tiring thinking of anythings lerhs yupps..
but one day will sure suan wan wat...wat for hate eachother..dere is have a peace one day derhs alright !PLS!
OMG! ie dunnoe wanna give kwang another chance anort..tish cuming friday ie shuld give him an ans lerhs..yixiang,他们为了他可以不管自己,ie think dey are very important tuh eachother bahs..tat whye will beg miie...Hais..ie oso feel very guilty =(
whu can tell miie wat tuh do??
moii own answer will be derhs righ choice for miie or bad?

alamak...and dey told miie he cried ytd for miie T.T
ie'm so sorry !!! =( ie hurt ue lerhs..but ue must still let miie think carefully...
ie dun wanna hurt anyone,ie just wanted tuh be fair tuh each for ue tuh..
cox ie do any choice ie will hurt one of ue..SORRY!

Monday, November 26, 2007 10:27 PM

Hmm..ie noe wat ie'm doing now..
kwang ie'm so sorry..moii heart still loving jason yupps..
ie cant blurr moiiself anymore lerhs...ie still love him deep in moii heart,
ie can stead with ue den moii heart was with him..is nort fair tuh ue yupps,
so wat when ie stead with him before and his heart still with his ex..
ie dun mind tuh be stupid anyway for him yupps..ie can be a dumb girl for him,but ie just cant forget him..
kwang,ie'm sorry wat ie did tuh ue yupps..ie had be cold tuh ue tish two days,
ie was thinking wat ie'm gonna tuh do but ie still had tuh break with ue,
cox ie dun think we suit for eachother bahs...Hais.
ie just found tat is very weird,how cum ue will suddenly just like miie like tat..
ie just dun understand and ie wan reason from ue,ue just dunnoe wat tuh ans..
maybe in derhs first place we shuld noe eachother better first bahs,but ie think...
ie doing derhs wrong decision lerhs =( in derhs end ie still hurt ue,
and break our promise..
if ue wanna hate miie just do wat ue think ie'm bahs..
ie just hate sum kind of pple tat whu love tuh say other pple back but was'nt,
she just saying about herself...tsk tsk!!
ue treat miie like bitch ie will treat ue like SHIT ! ie dun even care and give ue a damn..
ue just SCUK like hell...eyyerr! buang*
think before ue say other,pls..
ue still like a small kid larhs..bobian..
ie believe tat,dere has a "retribution" tish word exit..
ue will have it..ie will wait and see...

12:31 AM

OMG! ie'm confused !
now whu ie love ie oso dunnoe..wat am ie thinking about and wat ie wan..SHIT !
ie just cant forget jason sia! =( Hais..dunnoe how cum is so difficult man..
whye moii life just can be better and comfortable for miie?
is moii life will be continue always like tat?and end up unhappiness thing on miie?
ie think ie was tuu selfish lerhs and ie hate moiiself..!
but ie oso cant just hurt kwang like tat=( ie must think for his feeling yupps..
actually ie wanna break with him and think all over again in moii mind..
but he just sent miie a msg tat makes miie touched !..OMG! ie cant believe how moii baby was so sweet tuh miie..ie read finish and moii tears almost flowed out..
today he msg miie and said : Baby ie miss ue fcuking lots sia.wednesday wat time meet,ue wan ie meet ue at wher ur hus dere or wat.Hahhs.love ue fcuking lots tuu,moii love for ue will never never change wan,trust miie,ie wun break with ue until ie die ie oso love ue.Baby woaini,mwarkks.hope ue same with miie..
can ie trust him?cox of jason derhs incident ie dun dare tuh believe so much in others.
will ie be stupid in everything cox of small matter?
ytd he was just worry about miie man..ie had recieved 18 missed called from him man..!
he was so worry about miie!..cant believe tat..he always sent miie a msg den went tuh sleep,he wake up tuu..
always recieved his msg non-stop..
tat time he msg miie tish tuu
he said : Baby iloveyou, iloveyou, iloveyou, iloveyou, iloveyou, iloveyou, iloveyou, iloveyou, iloveyou, iloveyou, iloveyou. moii love for ue will never change, i aw yukwang love for peini will never change wan. woaisini lerhs.mwarkks.gud night,sweet drream sleep tight.
SEEEEEEE***how touched it was....sorry kwang if ie hurt ue all one day ie will be avioding ue, and hope ue will forgive miie yupps*
cox ie really dunnoe how tuh face derhs reality..SO SO SORRY! ie all moiii fault,
never think twice..

Friday, November 23, 2007 10:37 PM

Went tuh crew rally with girlfriend and sum of moii colleagues on derhs saturday,
ie woke up very early in derhs morning and went tuh girlfriend hus change clothes -.-
cox ie dun have yellow t-shirt..ie was damn tired..

had breakfast in girlfriend hus..wah!! she so gud luhs..Hhahas..damn love her..Lols..
Hahhas..happy for her tat she gort happiness with chunming and justin..Hahhas..
she was just a luck girl in tish world bahs :D happy for her tuu yupps..heheh..
actually wanted tuh miie ciapow but he said he still in bus -.- den we went tuh mac waited for him luhs..he was funny man..we kip laughing at him ..Lame..
ie oso dunnoe how cum we will laughed at him..we so sot!!
so less pple go luhs..look like less den 10 pple going..WTF!
actually still gort others cuming up...but sum of dem came late and sum overslept -.- so pig:/
buses wun be waiting for pple oly pple wait for buses -.- Lols !!..wait for awhile oso wun die luhs..
slept in bus,wen reached dere ie saw derhs guy manager again (: Hahahas..he smiled at miie..his looks was like so-so oly lorhs.Hahhas..
dere was DAMN DAMN sian luhs!!!
WE SAW RONALD but din take any pic from him.Hahahs..cox we feel so lame and weird..
but ie took pic with ciapow and girlfriend again..:D ie look weird taking pic with him..Lols..

we are just a simple tat loves ue (:

ie just wanna tuh be moiiself just like ie'm now!

we had alot of shouting and cheering..Lols !..but nbms..we oso learnt sumthing lerhs..Hahahs
after derhs crew rally,we had own own bus drove us back tuh tm..and actually ie and girlfriend wanted tuh watch enchanted derhs movie..but tuu bad..ie was damn sik at dere time nehs =(
how sad man..if nort ie sure love tuh watch..Hais..nidd tuh wait for us tuh be free again bahs.
Hais...ie'm messing up moiiself now..OMG!! ie really dunnoe whu ie love...shit man..ie sorry if ie really hurt ue derhs hua...ie'sorry..ue just dun wanna give miie time..pls man..ie still nidd tuh think lorhs..ue think moii past very gud mherhs..walauu!!! always result HURT HURT HURT !!!!!...ie feel so frustrated..

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 9:57 PM

ie just simply loves moii cousins and family wen have gathering..ie dunnoe whye wors..
hmm..maybe we are close bahs..summore had alot of jokes :D ie like it man...

Hahahhas..dey just tuu "cute" tuh miie lerhs (: now just very hard tuh all tuh gather together like we always had..cox cousin was busy -.- oly left derhs youngers...SIAN !!!~~

Now ie did really love dance alot wors..had alot fun and funny staff cuming out...Hahahahs !!..dey kip calling miie mangkuk -.- Hahahas..ps sia..Lols :/ ie love moii dancers lots nehs..dey are so crap tuh miie..ie will love derhs others of moii gan or cousin like ie do in derhs past (:

2:01 AM

Eileen said ie had changed lerhs -.-
Hais..sian ie still give her dissapointed =( she said ie last time wun play "MIA" with dem..
now dey was like sad..ie played MIA with dem...hmm...
she pleased miie nort tuh do anything tat dissapoint her bahs..hmm..and ie promise her tuu..
so wat we do we must have our own responsible nehs..
Shawn was so bad...! he laughed at ahpong aunty -.- summore he laughed till cant breathe tat type..so funny luhs...and ie laughed tuu...Hahahahs..
Hmmmmmmm...heard wat girlfriend said tuh miie =( WAH!!! wen ie heard wat she said..ie was like ... was like...feeling low..hmm...ie hope ie can suffer everything for ue all nehs..
just cant take it how ue all was like wen ue fall ill =((((( if can ie wuld wan tuh change moii life with her...

Monday, November 19, 2007 10:47 PM

YAY !! meet up with girlfren again (;
she was sick =( but hope she can recover soon :D
Hahahhas..had lunch with her in mac..Lols !..cox we have meeting in "bedok" Lame luhs..
summore..damn sian sia -.-
attend oso no use..Lols ! it was just cheering oly..ie rather stay at home slp as and wen ie like..lmao
But dey still have joke(s) tuh share...Hahahhas..girlfren was so siao -.- she was LAME..
she wasn't cheering but shouting..Haahhas..mad girl man...
Wah ! summore we have our free meal in Macdonals..yahooo!!..was so hungry and nth tuh do..Kekes..heng dey gort emc ferr us..
we had spend so many hours just sitting dere ferr cheering oly...OMG !!..SO SIAN!!
derhs cheer was damn stupid lorhs..sure laugh..

When matching in :Z O N E T W O ..... Z O N E T W
1) When play game :

Go Z2 Go Go Z2 Z2.....*3

2) When Z2 wins the game :
Z2 the Utitimate .... Z2 the Best.....
Z2 the utitimate,,,,We are the BEST*3

3) When Z2 dun win :
Its ok its alright.... Z2 spirit always high*2

4) Cheer Chant :
Hey hey You You We are from the Z2
No Way No Way You gonna beat us
Hey Hey You You we are from the Z2
Watch Me Watch Me we gonna WIN you.

5)Cheer Lead Shout ... WHO IS THE BEST ...
Z2 Z2 is the BEST
Z2 Z2 Go for GOLD
Z2 Z2 Fight for GOLD
Z2 Z2 Win for GOLD
This is my Country, This is my Flag, This is my McDonald, This is my Zone
This is my family, These are my friends, WE ARE Z2 Z2 NUMBER ONE

wen ie was practising derhs cheer with dem ie kip laughing..cox derhs cheer was so weird...but after awhile ie found it quiet fun :D gort a guy manager was dere tuu..he dun look like working person he just like a poly student..OMG! he looks so YOUNG !!..summore looks HANDSOME...Hahahahas..Lols!..

12:20 AM

Sian .

today went tuh cousin hus..it was her buf'day..
was bored over dere..working better den sitting dere just watching tv,eating and drinking and doing nth else..
moii cousin was BAD !..ie tink her frens was important den "US"!!(her cousins)
she was just entertianing her frens den us.. Lols !
all her frens was so anti-social -.-
ie was just sitting dere looking at dere walking in tuh derhs hus and din even speck out a words like Hellos ! -.-
dey so self-conscious man..dey was just like in deir own world.Lame..
but ie was just happy tat cousin can get together like a sweet family (:
gethering with moii whole family was quite fun tuu :D cox can hear dem jokejoke nehs
she was a sweet girl and entertainment :D and ie love twins ferever in moii life..MWARKKS ferr BOTH ! (:

Saturday, November 17, 2007 11:48 PM

Today was at home and din work again..feel so bored!
wanted go work but lazy nehs..summore so many tink on and needed tuh attend o.o
went tuh father side derhs relative hus had dinner..so many pple went home and we are derhs oly last and late person whu reach dere..Lols !
reach dere lerhs and had alot of chitchat with moii relative :D dey was so cute luhs!Hahahahs
dey say ie was skinny but slim ie was like WTH..kip making fun of miie and ie kip smiling (:
one more tink so PS :$ dey rake up of moii past wen ie was a BABY GIRL !..
dey said tat wen ie was a baby very difficult tuh take care of miie..and ie love tuh scream -.-
whole building can hear moii voice man..so ps and funny luhs..ie listen lerhs ie was like saying moiiself so siao like tat..kekeks..
din noe derhs past of moiiself was like tat..
OMG!!one of moii father sistar said tat,tat time she saw miie and jason was tgt -.-
SIANNNNNNNNNNSSS!! but tat was moii past lerhs..ferget it lerhs..
tml went tuh moii cousin hus..it her BUF'DAY ! (: hope tat can celebrate and have fun tml
ie now was getting worry of moii father =( he getting weaker lerhs..Hais.
Weilin: TWINS! ur audi damn pro sia..bpm so fats ue still can chance ie see lerhs oso blurr.Hahahas
Minpei: Hellos ! :D

Friday, November 16, 2007 10:42 PM

ie noe sumtink tat ue ant noe..wah! ie was like OMG !
ie cant tel ue anytink cox ie scare ue tio hurt or ue wun believe miie bahs..
hmm.ie just shut up and stand alone by moiiself and watch wat is going on next.
maybe ie just cant help it bahs..its nort ie dun wan tuh tel ue or lie tuh ue and wateva staff..
ie dun wan tuh spoil anytink den..cox tish is nort problem lerhs..
and hope ue will understand..Lols !~

PLS dun be stupid and PLS OPEN UR EYE BIG ENOUGH!
dun even define miie as wat ue tink ie'm
cox ue have no right tuh judge miie..cox ue are nort gud enough tuu..
bitch miie and ie will bitch ue!

Thursday, November 15, 2007 8:10 PM

Today is a bad day man =(
ie din went ferr derhs pactise and ie hai le eileen kena scold..ie'm sorry..
ie dunnoe wat rong with miie.ie just feel like dun wanna go..cox ie'm tuu tired.
maybe ie scare tuh be alone all by moiiself lerhs bahs cox girlfren nort free tuh pei wo =(
tired of going anywher today..watched vcd derhs whole day..Hahahhas..
damn nice luhs..
To WEILINweilin: twins arhs..tuu long ferr miie tuh type in moii tagboard liao tat whye eply ue here.Hahahs..derhs indian girl so funny lorhs.she kip talking tuh herself and ie and debi was eating.she was damn lame tuu..oso kip laughing tuh herself-.-
she very kp lorhs talking non-stop..if ue were dere ue oso will laugh derhs lorhs..ie go dixiao her..Hahhas..
To Callista: xingan! ie miss ue tuu..Hahahs..

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 9:51 PM

today dance was so tiring..so many dance steps nidds tuh memorise..
ie was like out of moii miind today..ie dunnoe wat ie was tinking man..
was so blurr..Hahahs..but ie'm alrite lerhs (: we nidd tuh learn how fergive and ferget yupps.
wah! tish afternoon ie was at bus-stop and gort a guy cum take nos.frm miie.Lols!
and amandy did laughed at dere sia..summore she was right beside miie -.- ie rejected ferr so long..Hahahahas..heng deir bus came and dey went off...
went pasar malam with debiGIRLFREN and her sista..Hahahs..we eat alot luhs..and we set a derhs playground slack..den gort one indian small girl cum sit with us and tok alot of crap..LAME!~
and ie dixiao her back..girlfren was laughing all derhs way man..she say ie siao!..
she asked miie nort tuh disturb her and she went tuh disturb -.-
she more siao..she loves tuh eat APPLE DIPPER!she DIPPER siao...Hahahahs!..
cant stand her..she kip eating non-stop..ie rather she go buy one apple and go cut herself luhs..

12:57 AM

ie was just fed-up tish few days just tuh ferget abt ue..
SCUK MAN!!..hate moii life..
whye ue just wan tuh cum in tuh moii life man...haiish..
ie hope we still can be like derhs past..a very gud fren..can we be again??
PLS dun enter moii life again lerhs..ie just scare tinks will change again yupps..
yeahs..tml going tuh pasar malam..ie cant WAIT!!~~~hahahaas..

Monday, November 12, 2007 6:00 PM

haiish..ie think,thing wun change back lerhs bahs..
maybe ue are hers bahs (: go back tuh her bahs...iie had make decision ardy..
ie wil be giving up lerhs yupps..tish is derhs first and derhs last choice ie had made..
wun be regreted lerhs yupps..but moii heart will be stew aching..cox ue had make miie hurt..shuld ie hate anyone?bud it moii fault in derhs first place yupps..
ie'm tuu selfish lerhs yupps..jus neber tink ue stew like her..
girl.go back tuh him back..he maybe a right choice ferr ue..
OMG..wen ie sad ue are oways by moii side..thanks moii dear (:
ue oways accompany miie..jus like sat and sun..derhs whole day..ue was tired oso dun care abt urself jus wanna accompany miie..hahahs.ie hope ue faster cum on-9 pei wo..
ie'm so shaggy nw =(

Saturday, November 10, 2007 11:53 PM

ZzzZzzZzz..was slping so comfortable..
OMG!..den ie was so LATE ferr moii work..
ie din noe ie was working at 12.30pm..and ie reached dere at 2pm -.-
bud dey din scold miie.hahahhas!..oly judy gave miie her long black face..
hmm...ie tink she was nort in derhs gud mood den bahs..hahahas..bud ie stew in derhs rong..
no blaming her at all (:
working was tired..ie tout ie will be working till 9 nehs..bud dun have..end at 7.30..
and waited ferr debi till 9.30..was in derhs staff room wibb moii crew frens tat whu had deir break..hahahas..was having fun inside..ie was tio bully frm aison luhs =( hahahahas..
alamak..today hand was so painful..tat ie almost drop derhs hot coffe onto moiiself..so scary man..next time mus be very careful abit more..
jason came tuh mac..hahahas.cox ie treat him a drink..LOLS!~
his hair was damn short man..hahahas.stupid...cut till so short.ie kip laughing lorhs..
will he pamper miie again?=( ie jus wanna gain moii tink back..haiish..~!sumtime tink of tat ie'm sad..hmm.ie tink maybe other girl will be gud ferr him bahs..ie jus wanting ur ans nw..ie wan ue tel miie on ur own and without miie asking ue pls..ie tink if ue nort giving any ans ferr a very very long time derhs hua ie wil nort be waiting ferr ue lerhs bahs..ie noe ue wil tink ie'm a BITCH..bud ue understand miie?!haiish..ferget it larhs..say lerhs oso no use ferr ue derhs lorhs..ue seem like dun care anytink at all man..bud ie jus wanna tel ue and hope ue really really rmb tat..

Friday, November 09, 2007 7:45 PM

cheekah kor thanks ferr accompany miie early in derhs morning tuh eating breakfast (:
ue was kindly gud nehs and ue did changed alot in urself.
and sorry ferr disturbing ue early in derhs morning tuu.cox ie have noone tuh peii wo =(
practise makes prefect ! (: tommy jiayous~ ue can do it,dancers supported ue ! YEAHS!!~
after dance went tuh inter wibb tommy tuh meet up angel and have our lunch..
hahahas..dunnoe whye tommy likes tuh disturb angel man..he was so disturbing..
angel called him and asked him wher was he nw..and he eplyed "ie was on moii wayy and peini was nort cuming wibb miie lerhs.she was "sick"'hahahahas.
and angel was SHOCKED nehs!
well we had ordered our meal in mac..hahahhas!..
we had finish our meal we started tuh chitchat al abt derhs crap staff..
tommy and angel jus like a child neber grown up man...hahahas
dey shooted ice..lols.den ie said ue al having ice-war in mac izzit..and dey laughed!-.-
LOLS man!~
after eating finish tommy went hm and ie wibb angel went tuh city hall.
she finding her manager..her manager had lots of crap man..kip talking non-stop and ie was sitting a side finish her talking.she was so talktive..-.-
had alot of talks wibb angel..hahahas..we talked abt moii story..damn funny luhs :D
ie had taken many pics wibb angel dar..ie was so retard!

see..ie was so retard abt moiiself -.-

moii kuku faces!


to yingying : GAN LAOGONG !~ dun worry ferr miie alrite (: ie wil be fine derhs yupps..hehe.take cares!

Thursday, November 08, 2007 12:00 AM

ue made miie tink so much ferr ue !(;
bud ie happy tat ie once was wibb ue.
181007 ; 10.36pm ie wun ferget nehs.ie told ue before tuu
it precious tuh miie..hahahas..tish ie neber lie tuh ue :D
maybe 是因为我太爱你了!
and ie oso wun ferget wat ie had told ue in derhs past..hehehe..
moii lurve moii one..
every moment ferr ue tuh miie ue are so precious !
if can ie wuld like tuh cherish ue again..and it hardly ferr miie tuh stop tinking abt ue..moii dear..
sian !..tml no planning ferr going wher nehs..haiish..

Wednesday, November 07, 2007 1:12 AM

todae early in derhs morning wake up going meet joey..
bud she was late so long wors.ie almost waited ferr her 1hr man !..hahahas..
bud ie told her nbms (; cox she changed hao lerhs den fasll asleep..LOLS~!
we went tuh bedok inter derhs pwincess mac ate..and we had chatted alots of al sadness =(
nw ie oso noe wat is her sadness lerhs..omg..hope she wil be happy nehs (:
ie was oso envy her tuu.hahahas.cox nw had a beta guyy ferr her nehs (: bud ie oso happy ferr her nehs..
after eating finish our breakfast we went up tuh x-Gaming.hahahs.it seem like nobody like tat lorhs
oly 3guyys was inside playing com nia.lmao!
den going out of dere ie saw a XIAO QIANG! o.O
ie tio SHOCKED man...hahahahhas..joey showed her retard face..its funny.!
den after tat she peii wo go sch (: thnks ferr her todae accompany miie todae nehs..bleahs..
todae nort so lonely..
todae dance was a hardwork man..its tiring ferr us =( bud its fun tuu..we had learnt a new steps again...
hahahahhaas..so CUTE luhs !
after dance ie went ferr worked at 4..omg.ie'm tired!
and ie saw minpei moii dear fren tuu..we met in derhs bus 65..
ie shocked..hehehe.ie happy..hehehe..she becum pettier lerhs.kekeks..cute sia..
ie dunnoe whye jus nw ie showed moii attitude tuh girlfren =(
ie dunnoe how cum ie wil like tat nehs..sorry sorry..
hope ue dun miind..hahahas..thnks tuh ue tuu..bud ue stew ren wo nehs..

Monday, November 05, 2007 3:04 PM

Sorry ferr al whu worry abt miie..
Ie oways give angel and others pple worry abt miie =(
Sorry girls made ue al worry..ie oways making ue al worry abt miie..
Ie did promise ue al tat ie nort gonna hurt moiiself again..
And ie broke derhs promise again..SORRY !
Pls fergive miie..ie really dunnoe wat tuh do alrdy.ie'm out of moii miind tish time round..angel dar dun worry abt miie lerhs okaus.ie'm fine (;
Ie jus hate moiiself alot nw..ie was tinking tat if ie nort in tish world it beta ferr miie rite..haiish..
LIMPEINI! ue jus a DUMB girl..whye ue wan tuh be in tish world..nth is worth ferr ue nw..STUPID ASS GIRL !
Life Scuk ! Life Scuk ! Life Scuk ! Life Scuk ! Life Scuk ! Life Scuk ! Life Scuk ! Life Scuk !
Life Scuk ! Life Scuk ! Life Scuk ! Life Scuk ! Life Scuk ! Life Scuk ! Life Scuk ! Life Scuk !

2:04 AM

Todae work was so DAMN BORED !
Idiot man...! arghhhh!!..
Feng made miie so angry abt her nehs.
She kept telling miie and girlfrenDebi tat she wil be waiting ferr us wen she knock off.
Bud in derhs endd she went hm and sent a msg tuh miie and girlfren said sorry..
Ie was like WTF man...it so irritating..oways like tat derhs lorhs.ie was so irritated by her sia..
Bud haiish..nbms! jus used tuh it can lerhs bahs.
Jus learn how tuh fergive and ferget yupps..
Moii miind was gone.ie sumtime jus dunnoe wat ie was saying and toking tuh derhs others..
Jus like feng and bi dunnoe wat ie was saying tuh dem tuu..
Oways is dey wake moii miind up..
Hahahahahas..jus had many tinks happened.!
Baby, ie really dun have derhs guts tuh ask ue anytink frm moii heart.ie'm SCARED!
Can ie have ue bac frm moii side again?it seem like very hard =(
Maybe ie jus so useless lerhs bahs..hahahas..dunnoe how tuh open moii mouth
Todae after worked,waited ferr bi..alamak she do tink slowed lorhs -.-
And after her worked,we went tuh eat again..OMG!
We are SO HUNGRY ! a indian man tout tat we was pulling leg of him.hahas.bud isn't
we was laughing at our collage..LOLS~! stupid bi showed her idiot face tuh miie.hahahas
She so entertainment.LMAO!
If feng was dere wibb us tuu,she wil laugh til derhs whole mac cover wibb her voice.muahahahahhaahhahahahahahas !!
Baby...ie miss ue alot.seriously ie'm waiting ferr ue (:

Sunday, November 04, 2007 12:04 AM

Todae working a long hours..ie'm so tired
Working ferr derhs 8hrs time ie really damn bored..
Ie tout he wil be cuming..bud isn't
Moii heart was crying nehs ferr a quite sumtime..
Ie hope ie can see him yupps
Tish is al moii wish!
How he culd made miie fall in lurve wibb him SOSO MUCH!
Maybe is ie noe him a make a quite long time fren wibb him lerhs bahs..
So ie noe his person (:
Ie felt so jealous=(
Ie saw others person can be last long wibb deri guyys/girls
Ie wish and hope ie oso can be fereva wibb moii lurve boyy..
Bud ie dunnoe wil he do mharhs?
Ie really hope and wish tat nort ie jealous abt others and is other jealous abt miie nehs..
Hmm.ie noe tish is impossible tink..and its gonna nort be happening in moii life..yupps..
Baobeii.ie really had alot tink tuh tel ue frm moii heart..jus like ytd..
Ie dun dare even sae out a single words inside..cox ie'm scared and ie dun dare tuh noe derhs ans tuu..haiish..!
Bud ie really shocked and happie tat ue wil called miie.ie'm SERIOUS!
Ie wil rmb ytd wat ue gave miie :D
Ie really wun ferget derhs yupps..
Moii lurve ferr ue neber been changed ie can be a stupid girl tuh ue yupps..
Hope tink wil changed tuh be a rite ferr miie bahs..
Baobeii and ie oso had a tinks ferr ue
Sorry abt ytd..hope ue dun miind yupps

Friday, November 02, 2007 5:45 PM

Hmm..ie was jus tinking tat whu wil ue return tuh yupps..
Hope ue tink carefully..ie dun wanna ue tuh regret anytink
Ie was jus giving ue time tuh tink..
Hope it wun be tuu long..cox ie'm waiting.......
Bud sumtimes ie'm confuse tuu...haiish.ie very luan tish few daes...
Ie neber regreted tat ie was wibb ue ferr derhs 13daes
Ie'm very happie !
Hmm..maybe is tinks changed tuh qiuckly lerhs bahs and ie neber catch of anytinks...
Wil ue be miine again or ue wil be hers' again??
Wil ie be standing up again and neber fall?
Baobeii,ie jus wanna tel ue tat no matter whu ue wil be wibb ie jus wanna ue tuh be happie.tat all ie wanted frm ue yupps..
Wil ie be fergeting ue,ie oso dunnoe..noone noes tuu..
Girl..thnks ferr doing miie a favour taking cares of jinyong (:
Ie was touched tat ue wil be helping miie..
Really thnks alot tuh ue..
Ytd working, ie was jus wanting tuh tired of moiiself yupps..
Cox ie jus wanna ferget everytink has happened..
Bud it stew cant works =(
It very difficult..
Ie kip serving customer rong tinks...OMG!
Wat had happen tuh miie man...aiyo..
Ie'm jus a useless girl rite..
fengfeng ans debi saddsadd ie oso dunnoe how tuh do..
Ie really hope tat nth has trouble dem and be happie everydae yupps..
feng and debi ie'm SORRY..
ie'm a stupid girl dunnoe wat tuh do wen ue al cried..
sorry sorry !!..

1:44 AM

derhs three of us (;


which is us?


HMM....ie was guessing like...


Thursday, November 01, 2007 11:09 PM

haiish.ie in derhs first place shuld nort noeing him yupps..
ue both are beta tuh eachOther...he lurves ue yupps..
ie'm jus derhs extra derhs..hmm.
how foolish am ie man !..
ie jus cant stop tinking..REALLY !
wen ie tink and turn bac derhs time..moii tears drown..
ie nw really fcuking hate moiiself..
ie dunnoe wat tuh do..meiiFeng and debi cried ie oso cant do anytink ie even cry tuu..ie dunnoe how tuh help dem..ie'm SO STUPID !
ie REALLY REALLY hope tat ie nort in tish world !..
no point tat he is tgt wibb miie and his heart is wibb ue..tish making miie hurt even worse yupps..
ie jus gave up everytink lerhs..ue both is beta ferr each other.ie rather ie gets hurt and nort ue both..


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