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Love is when reality is better than your dreams.

Blog posts.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 9:02 PM

Helloooooooos, Im back to post :D
Here is a story i gonna share with you guys.
Mdm Rubiah read for us & im the one in the class who laugh the louder :/
It was damn freaking funny alright. Here you go.

Little Led Liding Hoot
Little Led Liding Hoot (M’sian and Singlish ver)
Once upon a time hor, got one girl little led liding hoot. She want to go to Ah Mah’s house. Morning alleady she go out one, she got take come one basket to put flower. She “do want” to walk long-long so go take shot cut. Wah!!! She dono got one animal follow her one hor! She happy-happy walk until she come to Ah Mah house.

“Ah Mah! Ah Mah! I come, open the door leh?” she talk
Then Ah Mah also talk back, “Come in lah I never close one” Little Led Liding Hoot open the house and go inside door….. oh, solly solly…. Open the door and go inside the house, she got see her Ah Mah on top of the bed. She go ask Ah Mah.

“AH Mah, how come your eye vely big one hor?”
“So I can see you maahhhhh!!!” Ah Mah say back.
“Ah Mah, how come your yearvely long one?”
“So vely easy to hear you one laah!!!!”
“Ah Mah, how come…….”
“Aiyaa!!!! SO many question one ah you…. Never die before heh?”
“Solylah Ah Mah, I dono mah that’s why I ask”.
“What soly-soly! Now I want to eat you, I not Ah Mah, I animal one you know…………”

Wah! Little led liding Hoot vely scared one, she scleam vely loud but late alleady, the animal alleady eat her. She now inside stomach one. Suddenly got one people, cut wood one, go inside the house. He want to save Little Led Liding Hoot, he go and cut the animal stomach and take out everything, but he too late, Little Led Liding Hoot become dirt alleady………..

6:41 PM

Noone can judge us, if you are prefects enough.
We always does what we like (: Noone culd stop us what we are doing.

Today the weather fcuking HOTTTTTTTTTT :/

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 7:13 PM

Im named Share-nel :D
Twins edited for me (: I just like it.. Haha!
http://www.ohiadore.blogspot.com/ do support my angel dar yeahs.
Thanks who are those pple do support her(;
Alright, let's tok about today. Today we had our chinese paper1.
Quite easy. hahahahahahahaha! But paper2 postpone to next week =.=
So we ended at around 8plus, so we went to slack. Wooohoooo~
Song siol. Reach home at 1plus & took a nag & off i go :DDDDDDDD
Stupid marcuschan, he wanted to patch with me again =.=
Lol, is that lame? Hahahaha! Im sorry, i wont patch or whatever bullshit.
Cos your word scuk like fcuking hell _l_

Monday, April 28, 2008 7:40 PM

Ohhhhh, what a good day for me.
Today papers were easy. But i dont knw will pass.
After the paper1, we had recess with the lower sec.
ohdear, actually i have not used to it in lower sec recess le. Felt vry weird.
So we eat finish, head back to our class. Otw walking, debi were so crazy!
Sisters were crazy & hyper :DDDDD ILOVETHISFEELING.
Cos we can have fun tgt always.
After paper2, went to canteen & had our lunch & went back home to get our thing for swimming xD
debi brother end his chalet today.
Were having alot of fun, mf & bi moleted me.. LOL
They were so gone.. & me too.. haha!
& we were thinking open chalet :D after mid-year, maybe?
How i could wish i can be with them forever ^^

Friday, April 25, 2008 9:32 PM

Ohgosh! Im damn fcuking sickkkk !
I had a terrible flu, didn't sleep well last night actually.
Was tired, thot of not coming sch, but i did (:
Mid-year is around the conner. Next week is our exams.
OMFG! Im scared. My science i dont really knw how to do.
Im soooo stressful.
Today our sch bball boys had a tournament with outside team, called TOP SPEED.
They won us by 8 points. Yah, boys... dont get so upset. Good luck ^^

Thursday, April 24, 2008 6:48 PM

Happy birthday to my dearest brother (:
Today is my brother birthday, LOL! But didn't celebrate for him.
As noone request. Nothing to tok much actually.
Went to bugis with sisters. We are back tgt again :D
Im sososo happy. I have no word to say. Hope to take neoprint again with them.
My always memories :DDD
Butttttt last & for all.
Im being mute for the time being.. Hais.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 6:42 PM

Rain-ing Rain-ing & Raining.
It rained heavily. I was stuck at the bus stop this morning.
Catch a movie after sch, this story was about love. "Definitely, maybe"
This guy, fallen in love with this 3 women before.
He dont knw who he loves. & this was complicated.
Make a right choice & you wont feel regretted.
Actually, i also blurr while watching. Cant catch the ball.. LOL

Monday, April 21, 2008 7:59 PM

Happy Birthday to my laopo (VERON) :D

Today is music test.. OMFG, Im scared to sing infrnt of my classmates.
But i did it!
My exam pass can le (:
Next is FUAD turn to sing, he sang so funny.
We were laughing while teacher is recording. Haha!
It was the last period after recess, did went for cpa.
I & debi they all charbo. It was too boring in computer lap.
so decided too :D
To JolynKhooWeilin, Yeahs! over is over. Let's start everything afresh.
Twins, ILoveYouToo...!

Sunday, April 20, 2008 3:07 PM

yO c'b bird _|_ im in your blog posting ><
This is my 2nd time posting nias leis .
Although you're quite c'b sometimes ,
but you still did cheer me up cos of her .
But is hard for me to let go still .
i love her lots . BOBIAN !
Ha ! you this little fucker xD
& stay well with your sister already hor !
They are quite good to you actually .
Learn to think mature-ly idiot xD

you _|_ too xD
Sweet and gentle to peini ,
mai to me ? O.o


2:18 PM

Yes! Everythings went smoothly. Im promised not to vain my anger anyhow to my sisters (:
Cos they are my beloved ones.
They might be unfriendly to you, but to me not :D
I do change for them but not others. Now, i will think positive way & not negetive.

This kuku guy, keep saying i boxim.
Now im here tok goods & bad about him.
He is good yeahs, but most of the time vry kp :/
Haas! Not to scold me, cos you asked me tok about you
Not to jealous so much. Not good for health :DDDDDD

4:07 AM

Back to blog :DDDD
eugene wants me to blog about him. Haha!
So yeahs, Im here cos to say goods about him (^^)
Eugene is a nice & sweet guy all those, hmm.. yeapps.
Nothing much to say le :D Take Care.

3:28 AM

Weeeeet~ Went to chalet today..
It was the second day, we got bbq.. Haas!
Butttttttt, it was damn sian. So MEL & I went to downtown east play arcade.
We did enjoyed ourselves ;D Nothing to say much le (: Nights.

Saturday, April 19, 2008 1:46 PM

Our costume :DDancers, bands, nccs & wushus performancer :D

1:25 PM

Yesterday, we had speech day performance :D
Everything went smoothly. Yeahs!
But we too kanchiong alrdy. everything shuld end around 8plus but ended early
Then we had our dance floor.. Whao! so cool alright.
We enjoyed ourselves. Mrs woo also dancing.. Hahaas! Dancers you rock.
More to come upon :D

Friday, April 18, 2008 10:05 PM

I know im in the fault. Everyones does a mistake..
I know i shuld not keep continue, but you shuld know im playing.
If i dont have any extra outfit for that?
Maybe this is my lesson for that. I think i dont really understands you all bah.
Cos im diff class from you all ='( & I seldom hanging with you.
Wanna go out tgt with you, it's difficult.
Every 0409.... will we spend our time tgt?
It up to you all alrdy lurh, what i had say alrdy said le...
I know "sorry" cant mend anything, what else i can say more?

Thursday, April 17, 2008 8:53 PM

It seems like everythings is predestinated.
Things getting complicated.
Just a small thing, can make a bigger thing out.
I want thing to be normal back, can?
I like the older days we had... ='( Im sorry for everythings.
I also dont knw what happen to me this days.. I dont want to be a loner again...
I dislike being a loner, im scared (TT) can anyone save me?
One day i die, who cares? will anyone know?
My heart is aching, i feel like stab myself. Seriously.
If i culd stop everything on ME.......
You shuld knw my attitude, as you all said, it's take time..
I can't change myself within one day. Im moody!
Maybe im the one shuld give up & stand back bah.
Always i see you all, I felt vry extra D;
Maybe im not belong to this world? Thanks for being there for me guys, I apperciated.
But thing is keep changing... TT
Lastly, I dont feel like ending this sistership.
I love you girl loadds freakly speaking.
No matter what, i promised before i will be there when you needs me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 4:03 PM

Gong kia.Twins.. My entertainment :DRetarded face...DiDi xiaoxiaoPoke her to nose bleed.. actually acc.Stupid face.She sian liao.. HaasSweet?Dont be jealous, we used to be like this all timeSo hardworking eh... HaasEat eat only.. hungry ghost..

4:00 PM

Yesterday went to tm after my dance for dinner.
celebrated girlfriend birthday. We were damn hyper alright..
Im the most ks one.. LOL
Reach home around 9++. tired !!!!
Tmr have rehersal again ='( will be busy again... friday going bbq (^^)

Pictures are up!

Monday, April 14, 2008 10:41 PM

Today music lesson was DAMN FUN !
Everyone in the room was entertain-ing :D
My music boy 321 (^^)

Drum-ingWill update more tmr for today :D

Saturday, April 12, 2008 11:23 PM

Went to support band at national stadium.
but before that, went to sch for dance practise & never go for my 2.4.
Was damn lazy now days..
The band was ROCK! They rocks our house :D
Reach home at 10.. cb, wait for my bus 15mins (=.=)"
Next week is speech day performance.
Will be busy starting from next week.

Friday, April 11, 2008 10:34 PM

Yesterday went to tm..
Celebrated weilin birthday at soul garden.
You know how much it cost? $123.45. "WHAO"!
This was the really first time we came out gether tgt..
I hope this will happen more often (:
Were having fun, lauging & daring eachother.. Weeeeet~
Inside, were all our laughter.. Haas! Were planning every 6th sept will go out out spend the time with eachother (^^)
Do whatever we like to. Noone could judge!

10:22 PM

Our dress-ing (:

10:10 PM

Pn & MfHungry.. haha Our food :D
Yummy yummy..
Ice-cream on her lip.
Candy shot.. Haas! Our birthday girl ! xD
Family, as one (^^)
Jack, our model


Wednesday, April 09, 2008 10:03 PM

Shorty me :/ Nice?

9:54 PM

Wearing spect.
Stupid face of them :DZilian :DDDD


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