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Love is when reality is better than your dreams.

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Friday, July 31, 2009 9:53 PM

Currently at Fremen's house at woodland having steamboat, dear and his friends were playing Mahjong now and I'm infront of his lappy blogging. Dear and I completed our game "Plants vs Zombies" just now. Going home real soon and tmrl have to get up early for my SHOPPIING! :D Dear is great! He saved up his money to bring me out for shopping and get a bag. WOOTS! 2more hours will be our 4th month anniversary.

I'm glad to know you in this world.
AND dear is so steady, he's getting me a puppy for our 1 year anniversary present. :D
I felt so blessed! (: I LOVE YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

I suppose tmrl will be an enjoyable day for me cause without fail dear will always be the one who brighten up my day. He's a nice boyfriend I should say that. ( Dear, don't see this and keep smilling infront of your comp. )

Bye, I shall get back to dear.
Will be uploading pictures real soon. Cause blogger have some error ;(

Monday, July 27, 2009 5:51 PM


Saturday, July 25, 2009 3:04 PM


Currently blogging at boyfriend's house. My blogger "create new post" currently has some problem on my comp as I didn't blog it's become of this reason. Might not be blogging often as usual. That's sad! Smoking kills my pain. I've been like this it has something behind it, and that's dear only know my pain. Last night had dinner with clique and went to playground slack while smoking. Prelims is around the corner, I've to get a pass :D This is what I made a promise to dear! (; 7 more days to 4th month anniversary with baby! I LOVE YOU.
Ps: I'm so sorry, cousin! I love you too.

Sunday, July 19, 2009 10:53 PM

Drink > Drank > Drunk.
Photos spamming.

DAY 1, Fri
Attended chalet and had lots of fun for the past 3days. Went home lately and have the feeling of tonning but in the end I still choose to go back home, reach home around 1plus. Thanks dear for cabbing me back home and keep me company, you're so hardworking (: I LOVE YOU!

DAY 2, Sat
Woke up around 8am plus as dear wanna meet in the morning so I've to sacrifice myself to get my ass off from my sweety bed to lalaland. LMAO! And also I've promised him. Met up with cheeboon nearby dear's house bus stop and headed down to chalet together. Went for cycling in the later afternoon. We went to rent bike and cycled all the way down to Changi Beach, with all the slope and our hardwork, we're tired and our leg were feeling so jelly. Lol! Enjoyed the night of eating and drinking, and photo taking with adrian ( the birthday boy ). HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D

Day 3, Sun
Brought brother along with me and went for swimming at night. I got bullied by Johnny and Kelvin. RAH! We swam till around 8plus, everyone started shavering. It was a cold and dizzling night. Haha! Headed back to chalet, showered and eat some bbq foods and went to packed mac back to chalet eat, some were eating subway. Reached home at around 10plus. Everyone had no mood of attending to school tmrl but no choice. Tsk! ;(

4:03 PM

Hi, people! (:
I know I've not been blogging recently, I'll blog tonight.
Have been returning home lately and drunk.
Going back to chalet for swimming later.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 3:53 PM

You're not sorry!

Well.., I've been wondering about this thing in my mind and it has been dangling around since I've noticed something infront of my own eye. I always cherish this friendship, what about you? I always wanting to go out bonding with you but you're always giving me all sort of excuses. Am I really a fool to you?! You're always taking things for granted again and again, thinks that you're always right. Yeah, you're suck! I don't see any point of going on any longer. We've just come whereby the end is getting nearer. I'm utterly disappointed that what you've all done! I just can't understand you anymore. Things turned out ugly or perhaps even worse, I suppose? You're not my friend or rather I should prhase it as a GOOD FRIEND. You're not fit to be anymore. I'm sick and tired of solving each and everything more or I can't hold it any longer. :'( I wished I could drunk myself right this time now!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 4:02 PM

(Drew by Felix in maths class.)
Not attending to school today as I was tired and busying for the whole day of yesterday and I was screwed up by my mum too! ;( And and and, FELIX IS GOOD IN DRAWING. Take a look above, does it look like me? (: Went to Singapore Youth Orchestra Concert last night. It was cool as they played all different parts of instruments. While I was listening and relaxing, I nearly fall asleep inside the concert. *Laughed! I was stucked inside for 2hours plus while can't message cause there's no any reception. Zzz! Reached home around 10pm plus? And slept at around 12am plus close to 1am last night. I can't wake up this morning it's all because of this fucking reason and lack of sleep. SCREWED IT! Woke up in the afternoon and I was still feeling very sleepy. Whole day staying at home and rest. Hais! :( Prelims starting the next week. Ohmyfuckinggod!

Thursday, July 09, 2009 11:44 PM

( Candy shot, taken by weidong.)

Had seoul garden after went home changed right after school. I thought of going back with junwei but he gangster went home first without informing me -.-! As he was tired so I don't blame him. Meet him at tm instead of my place cause he'll sure be late. Reached there, saw junwei and come later was weidong. Zzz! He's another gangster :D Had fun eating though it's only the 3 of us. Haha! Weidong did something crap and I were there irritated him. I was there laughing non-stop! I shall keep the serect if not he'll sure screw me up if he sees me talking bad thing behind his back. See, I'm very nice to you hor, weidong! Meet him once he reaches and we went out of our "heaven" LOL!
Tm arcade> Kopitiam > Century Sqaure arcade > Home sweet home.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009 11:42 PM

Tuesday, July 07, 2009 11:51 PM


Woots! I'd nuggets for my breakfast. Thought of going for prata but there ain't enough time ;( Awww, with an empty stomach studying. Today lessons were so slacked and lots of free time. Had pe after recess and have lots of fun. I'm so enthusiastic when it comes to sports as dear said this to me. Yeah, I love sports? OF COURSE, BASKETBALL AND DANCING! They're my favourites. And even more, I supposed? Whatever included in sports, I'll definitely love it unless I'm lazy. I finally get to see dear after 2days. I'm kinda miss him lots! ;( I love you so much. Muacks! (:
Alright, I was so pissed off today!!! This is my attitude, you don't like it I'll definitely fuck care you. What can you do? You can't change me in anyway of
being ME, ohhhhh please! -.-" Each and everyone has their own attitude and if you don't like it, so be it! (: I can be frank to you, I doesn't like yours too. Be a smart person, DUMB! _l_

Guys, you can have a look at this. Ain't a virus. So put your mind a ease.


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