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Love is when reality is better than your dreams.

Blog posts.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 8:52 PM

Happy birthday once to you again! :D
Sian, today time flies soooooo fast :(
Let's not talk about in school time, it's so boring!
But i wanna to talk about what's happening during school time.
Najib, Weekiat and Rohaizat were making fool of themselves.
I kept laughing, laughing and laughing! lol...
Firstly, half of my classmates inculded me went for medical checkup.
Grr, Weekiat and Zhanyang so kpkb while we're waiting for our turn.
They bully one another. So lame, bodoh!
Later i'll update two videos. One is Weekiat singing disturb the nurse,
another is all sabo him. He sing until he want take out his shirt infront of us(-.-)!
After that went back to class continue our math lesson.
Najib and Rohaizat damn cock! Najib keep hugging rohaizat all the way while Izat is giving out our math worksheet.
After school, accompany meifeng go home and then went back to school oppsite.
We helped her celebrate at blk52
All so cock and hyperactive! Then use the leftover cake buah people face. LOL!
Heng, i never kena. Girlfriend was the first one who kena by meifeng. Haha!
After that, we headed to blk1 to slack again while wating for wanying they all.
Played game. Z! Funnnnnnnny~ haha!
(I'd realise something, now days i like to take pictures with friends. LMAO!)

8:31 PM


Monday, July 28, 2008 9:03 PM

Tonight the clock will striked at 12am sharp, and you'll be officially 15 !
Happy birthday, dearest! :D
Z! I machiam grandma talking about my story, bodoh! lol.
Didn't went school today, obviously i pon.
Went to momoren house and slack.
He cooked noodle for me and i fryed egg for him(-.-)!
You said you scared of frying egg, you bodoh! Make me laughed!
Hahahaha! Buay paiseh?!
Asked me pon school just to accompany you and you went to sleep.
Tmd, go your dreamlover land lah! I'm sure, the very next time i went to your house again.
I'm sure i'll wake you up! Try me :D
Played computer and psp to kill my time over there.
11plus, went down and meet weilin.
And headed to school oppsite gave meifeng a surprise.
She was totally shocked! Haha!
And we headed to bugis, ate and chatted awhile.
After that, we recieve girlfriend called.
She was crying so badly lah ;(
So we decided went back to school oppsite and find her.
Oh girlfriend, I'll always be here for you. And i'll lend you my shoulder when you need me.
No worries, everything will go smooth.

7:36 PM

Saturday, 26/07/08One fine day, raise up early in the morning.
Got showed up and went to meet judy they all for breakfast at Princess Mac.
After eating, we went to simei do our cip and get our point.
Ohhhhh, it's so lame! but bobian, what to do.
School staff. I don't miss all those unless is rubbis.
My friends and i from simei walked down all the way to tampines.
The guys start all those craps while we were walking. Haha!
I guess we'd alot of fun too.
Najib{syg} kept making me laugh the whole day! He's such a joker! :D
Time's up! Went back to simei from tampines by train.
It's was a tiring day for me. Cause i'm lack of sleeping.
Headed to meet cherhao(cousin) at simei mrt station -.-
Went over to his house to celebrate my dearest cousin, cherkai birthday! :D
I'm bored over there. Rolf! Anyway, Happy birthday Cherkai!

Friday, July 25, 2008 8:53 PM

I guess i'll just update some pictures. Haha!
Btw, i'm already fine :)
After dance, went to school oppsite with amandy slack with debi they all.
Amandy toke those pictures of them :x

Thursday, July 24, 2008 9:52 PM

Song : When you look me in the eyes.
Current mood: Emo.

I've nothing to blog much today

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 8:03 PM

Song: 4 mintues
Current mood: Enjoyed!

Two sotong kia :x ( Don't scold me, i did it serectly)

I guess i'm gonna to talk rubbis. lol
Early bird raise up early in the morning for breakfast and go for school :D
Which is me and my friends.
Went to princess mac with Meifeng(darling) met with Debi(girlfriend), Lousi, Jinyang(di), Yangjia, Marcus, Shiping(nuer) and many others.
We almost flooded at the mac. LOL!
Early in the morning all kpkb in the mac so much.
Machaim our grandfather open shop. That's it!
And the weather screwed up! Well, that's the best for me :D
Cause i love cold weather then hot weather (-.-)! Will sweat like hell.
After school, went to eat lunch then went to school oppsite slack.
Wah, i tell you this gonna to be crazy shanel.
I was able to entertain peoples over there.
We laughed like one and we like mad ones. Zzzz!
Long time onces :( But nevermind, i enjoyed it. :D

Monday, July 21, 2008 6:24 PM

Pissed off!

Cb school got cb lang.
I'd lost my earpiece and meifeng lost her mp3, grrrrrrrrr! _l_
You all steal thing don't have comman sense man.
My earpiece also want steal. Don't tell me your parent don't give you allowance to spend in school and need to steal other people small little things?
Wtf, you can be a begger!
Bobian, i need to spare thought on you all.
Cause you'll are small little kid! Sec2 nia (-.-)!
Still must waste my fucking money to buy another one.
I'm not like you all! I've money can buy things, not like you all steal people things.
Itchy bloody hand! Tak ada otak.

Sunday, July 20, 2008 12:42 AM

This were created on thursday. As our school celebrate Racial Harmony Day.
Done by, Sharmin, Shieromie, my friend(forget her name) and me.
Cause i've nothing better to do so i help up :D
First time we did a hard time. LOL!
--------------------------------------------End here-------------------------------------------
I'll cut short about today :)
Early in the morning woke up, went to prata shop eat with my dancers :D
And head to school for make-up, and practise.
After that, went to parkway for our perform :D
We wre nervous, but we were really enjoying :D
I toke picture with my dancers (^^)!
So many supporter. hahahahaha!
End here :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008 11:01 PM

Grrrrrr! I've no mood to update anything.
I'm started to get pissed off! I don't know you're this kind of person i'd seen.
But, i was very wrong.
You'll slowly get erase away from who you're to me!
I swear. BYE!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 9:42 PM

Woooooo! I've find this picture from my cousin blogger.
It's seems like we're always having fun together when we were young :D
I did really missed the past alot too.
I wished, i could go back to be my mummy girl. lol.
My young boy cousin :D


9:03 PM

I'm back for blogging.
Cousin said my blogger has become no random ='(
I going to upload pictures but not updating what is excatly happened!
After school when to long john with cousin slack! :D
Thanks pua love for accompany me xD
Bloody, some pictures she deleted away -.-
Cause she don't wanna let her joshua sees her retarted face :x


Friday, July 11, 2008 11:41 PM

Hais, deep in my heart. You're always in my mind.
Derrick ahboy! (TT) When you'd gone, you just left me a t-shirt & the picture that we toke before. But now, i just left with your t-shirt, the picture had gone!
Grrrrrrrrrr! That's my only treasure thing. Now i've nothing else more.
If you were right beside me now, i guess i won't be so shaggy!
When i thinked of you, i cried! I've always been. When i missed you.
If you could come alive once more, and i'd lots of question to ask you. (??)
In the past, you were always be the one who'll always care for me.
When i'm hungry in the middle of the night, you'll buy food and delivered to my house.
No matter how tired you're. I'm dying wants you to come alive now!
A second only also can, i just wanna see you ='(
You'll never know how i've been now. Seriously, i missed your voice so much.
Now my life is so hard to keep going on now.
How i wished where you go, you could bring me along.
I know i'm stupid. Sigh, what else i can do more?
Derrick derrick derrick (TT) If you could read this. I'll be happy! D;

Tuesday, July 08, 2008 5:59 PM

Somehow rather tired and bored today.
I think this will gonna be a short post.
All i did i'd made a very very wrong choice again.
I couldn't forgive myself as what i'd done(TT)!
I've always makes up thing into a big mess. Grrrrr!
I guess, i'll listen my cousin advice yeahs? I don't use to everything now.
All i wanted say is.... i'm sorry. I know sorry cannot mend up everything.
But i just have nothing to say anymore.
Something is holding me back.
Okaus, i'm not gonna to say this any further.If not i'll be burst like a balloon.


Okaus! I'm kinda pissed off!
I didn't know you'll do or say all those stupid things behind my back.
I won't mention who's that person. I, myself knows it that'll be alright.
I didn't expect that!!!!!! But I WAS TOTALLY FULLY WRONG.
It was exactly you, you anddddddd you!
Are you trying to spoil everything?
You made me lost faith in you and most importantly, TRUST!
I don't think i'll trust you anymore. Not a single.
Just forget about everything!
I'm very sick and tired of those rubbis.

Monday, July 07, 2008 12:16 AM

Wooooot~ I've change my blogskin again! :D
Went to tampines mall.
Girl said she was shocked when she sees me. Haha!
Cos i didn't inform her. Bleahs! Just wanna give you surpise.
Happy to see me eh, i happy to see you too :DDDDDD

Saturday, July 05, 2008 10:33 PM

Sabo(ed) by Jesslyn girl.
01/) Which is more needed (/?) Love or the person you love (/?)
Both! :D

02/) Have you worry anything before (/?) , when was it (/?)
I’ve forgotten.

03/) If you've 3 three wish , what will you wish for (/?)
Serect! :P shh shh :D

04/) Will you die for someone who you really love , but if he've hurt you once (/?)
I guess maybe is a yes. No matter what, I’d really love that someone once before.

05/) What are you thinking now (/?)
Sleeping :x LOL

06/) Are you vex or feeling weird now (/?) About (/?)
Both are not included.

07/) Is anything bugging you (/?)
I don’t think so.

08/) What is the last thing you did when using comp (/?)
Chatting with boyfriend.

09/) Have anyone broken your heart in your life ever (/?)
Lame. Everyone has been thru.

10/) Have your prince appeared in your life yet (/?)
Hmm, yes, I guessed so .

11/) Who's the crush in your heart (/?)
Noone, only faithful to boyfriend :D

12/) If give you a sum of money , [ that sum of money wont be able spent finish in your lifetime ] , what will you use it for (/?)
If only, money can buy back happiness & the person I love. But since it’s impossible, I’ll not touch any of the money. Lol.

13/) Do you love musics / songs (/?) Why , & whats the reason (/?)
Yeahs. I love the most. No musics/songs, no life & I cannot do much.

14/) What's your reason for love (/?)
To find someone that I really cannot live without. (There’s more answers, but I couldn’t explain myself.)

15/) Do you ever wanted to learn music instruments (/?) If yes , what instrument (/?)
Ofcourse! Piano & drum. :D

16/) Have you ever crazy(ed) for photoeditor(s) (/?)
Eh, yes. But never used it before. Lol.

17/) What you see after you close your eyes (/?)
Darkness. Dumb!

18/) Any song describle your love or r/s (/?)
Many. Included English & Chinese. All those are much meaningful( I stay in love & ect.)

19/) Who're always there for you (/?)
Cousin, angelin & my girls :D

20/) Any interesting websites you been to recently (/?)
Don’t have anyone.

21/) Where have you been today (/?)
Marina square & tampines mall

22/) Are you interested in online games (/?)
It’s has been a long time.

23/) Will you attempt to hurt yourself if you're hurt (/?)
I won’t! It was last time the stupid me. Now I’m smart too :D

24/) Do you like blogging (/?)
Ofcourse! If not, I wouldn’t be blogging.

25/) Who have you chatted with today (/?) [ Etc . Msn , phone , sms (/?) ]
Cousin, narzul. I think that’s all.

26/) What will you do if you feeling down (/?)
To hush myself down & chat with friends or listen to songs.

27/) Do you have confident in love or r/s (/?)
Nope, I don’t think so.

28/) Do you believe in dream come true (/?)
Who knows. Maybe one day it really happens.

29/) Do you have any goals (/?)
Yar, to study hard. & wish all my wished will appear (asap).

30/) What feeling you loves most (/?)
Being console. & hugged by my warm friend or boyfriend :x

31/) What you think is important in a r/s (/?)
Trust & understanding each other's heart . :D

32/) What feeling you dislike most (/?)
Being neglected & don’t feel loved .

33/) Do you hate copycat(s) (/?)
Ofcourse! But see who’s that person.

34/) Will you know how to cherish you guy (/?)
Hmm, not really know much.

35/) Do you love yourself (/?)

36/) Do you hate anything about yourself (/?)
Yes, bad sides of me.

37/) If you see your stead having close actions with other girls , what will you do (/?)
I’ll jealous.

38/) Have you done anything that makes you regret (/?)
Yes. Whoever has it.

39/) Have anyone did anything to make you touch (/?) & Who was it (/?)
Hmm, yes. Mingyi.

40/) If you've a chance to see the person you once really loved , what will you do (/?)
I’ll go for it. I’ll never miss any of my chances.

41/) Are you wishing for anything now (/?)
Finish this quiz, so many qns. LOL

42/) Do you sleep well yesterday night (/?)
Yes, I’ve a sweetdream. Cos im tired. Haha!

43/) Do you understand what's love (/?)
Somehow, it's depends on ones perspective towards love de.

44/) What makes you wanna be with the person you love (/?)
Nahhhhhh! Love someone doesn’t need any reason. Dube.

45/) Have you ever hate anyone before (/?)
Yes. But I guess there was my childlish past.

46/) If you've a chance to murder someone , & not go jail . Who'll you murder (/?)
Got this kind of things de. Let me be president sua, kill people no need go jail you wanna bluff who.

47/) Are you satisfy with your life (/?) Have you ever thought of changing a better life (/?)
Nah , everything is fated. You think cartoon uh. Say wanna change jiu change.

48/) Do you have the guts to tell the person you love , that you love him / her (/?)
I’ve said le. I won’t miss any of my chances.

49/) Will you easily shy (/?)
Yes, ofcourse! But in many different ways. Lol.

50/) Do you have any activities for tomorrow (/?)
I don’t think so. Tmr is a boring day.

51/) What did you regret before (/?)
Neither treasure nor cheris.

52/) Do you like to hangouts or ton (/?)
Hmm, depending. If I’ve the mood.

53/) Ever thought of changing your phone (/?)
Guess not. Maybe yes.

54/) Do you wish to have a everlasting r/s (/?)
Ofcourse wished! Everyone wants it too.

55/) Is there any last words you wish to say to anyone (/?)
Im too kind of not saying.

Tagg(ed) to ;Melissa, weilin, shuen, angelin.

Friday, July 04, 2008 11:30 PM

020708(my lovely boyfriend)
All my sayangs (:Putri & faezah!Faezah & putriFaezah, putri & tommy!
Sian, nothing much i can update for today.
Went for dance as usual. Haha! Weeeeeet~
Finally! We have finished choreography our dance steps.
But most importantly we needed to polish up all those new steps :D
Performance are around the concer. OMG! Im scared.
But... Im sure i have confidence.
Head to bedok inter met cousin & to bugis have our dinner.
Ohhhhh, she was damn gone. THAT'S IT!
She was totally gone case. She went to drop by & said "hi" to her future boyfriend.
Dearest cousin! Jiayou jiayou. Im here fully-support you :D

Wednesday, July 02, 2008 10:37 PM

Alots of craps during school times'
We have jokes in mother tongue & music lesson.
The most funny was in music lesson!
Najib, wee kiat & fuad did pumping. Haha! They're cute man!
We keep laughing all the way. Lmao! Najib was the disturb ones.
Cos wee kiat did 35jumps. & we can see his tummy jumping too :x The tire.
Hahahahahaha! I can't stop laughing lah. That's it sia, they were so disiao.
Soooo, in mother tongua TanZhanYang was sleeping (-.-)!
He sleep like his house. Omg! Weekiat & i took pictures of him :x Hahaha!
We were looking while he was sleeping. Then suddenly he woke up!
He tio shocked! Hahahahaha! Stupid seh.
Pig? :xWangWeiYeow and TanZhanYang!

Im happy today! :DDDDDD During choir too. Weeeeet~

9:25 PM

Vivien-You said;
and i didnt act lian, that's my attitude when i quarrel. and im not scared of being blamed. but get to the point of you being me, if you're being blamed for no reason, how would you feel man? i can't say that i donthave fault, but you're like helping your cousin and pushing all the blame to me. and what is there i dont dare to say? unless you're trying to tell me that everything i say is wrong? fake? but i dont wish you to come down. da most you talk to your cousin on the phone and teach her on how to shoot me back luh. that's it. i shall not tag again (: and good that i will see you in church (:

Shanel-I Replied;
Well, you know. You seems to be stupid enough! :D
Ohya, you didn't act lian, that's was your attitude. But i heard "someone" said you say you look "lian" Oh oh oh! You are not scared of being blamed. Then whye there's have a problem you should bother about? OH! IM FAIR ENOUGH TOO, YEAHS!(^^)! & you're sure that blamed someone for no reason? & YAR, you said "if you're being blamed for no reason" & whye you still said "i can't say that i don't have fault." What's all this? I told you before, say before you tok! Bodoh(-.-)!! & did i tell you i helping my cousin or whatsoever. So what if i did help her? That's any problem for that? Who cares! You know. The more you don't wish, the more i wanted! :D
Hurhur?! What you did said? Shoot you back? I thot you wanted to apologize to her, don't you? Im welcomed you to tag, i don't mind! :D Cos kau tak ada otak. Yar, you'll see me in your dream. hahahahahahaha! If you dare, shoot me infront of my face :D don't need to tok big in msn with me.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008 8:57 PM

My music friends :DAku & idah! :D
I don't really know what to post about in school today.
Haha! I knew that, today had alottttttt of craps! & toke piceture with my music friends:D
After school, i met someone straight when my last lesson end!
Went to tampinese watched movie too! :D
It was great.. Yeahs!
Haha! Finally that someone up! :D
Wow! Her hair, i jealous lahhhhh ='(
Her chio color so chio. Wakakaka. Redred like rambutan :DDDDD
Okaus lah, will meet you up more often if im free (: I promise. hehe.
Ohya! & i don't even want to bother about you anymore.
& i said i'll find you one day face to face means i'll!
Don't worry, i won't hunt you down. LOL!


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