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Love is when reality is better than your dreams.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 9:56 PM

Raining day!
I didn't attend school today, and accompany Meifeng to polyclinic. I woke up at 11plus and rush to shower as I was late so I told her; "when I done with my stuffs, I'll call you." It was raining heavily outside and I got drenched -.-! And it was freaking cold outside and I kept shivering and we were stuck in the clinic with air-condition. Saw Shah and had a few words with him and we go off. We went to Tamp Mall, Starbuck. Cause Meifeng, Wei Dong and Wei Yeow needs to do their EBS coursework. So Jun Wei and I were sitting there doing nothing, cause WE'RE MUSIC STUDENT! :D Today is a enjoyable day for me! Wei Yeow did alot of stupid stuff in the Starbuck and he was so GAY! Omfgxzxzxzxz~! Awwwww, didn't meet up with boyfriend. I'm kinda miss him lots! ;( And YEAH, tmrl he'll be fetching me from school as he end earlier than me. And I've a BIG HUG from him too! :D
3 more days! (: I love you and I mean it!

Monday, April 27, 2009 10:53 PM

Dear, this post is only meant for you!
As I've promised you, I'll walk hand in hand with you,
and count every steps I've walk with you! (:
And REMEMBER! I'll be there whenever you needs me too!
For now, I just want to spend my life with you.
Though I'm with you less than one month,
But I really enjoyed every second I'm spending with you!
Let's commit a prefect crime, you steal my heart and I'll steal yours.
I'm loving you deeper each day counts!

School as per normal! Well.., SOMEONE DIDN'T TURN UP THIS MORNING AND I'VE WAITED FOR SO LONG! I won't say whose that person and I bet you'll read this post. Ahahas! So yeah, FINALLY! Xue Qi came and I rushed to the stall and get my breakfast as I was famished! I did pay attention in every lesson today till the very end lesson I was having is MUSIC! Ahhhhhh, my coursework -.-! I can't freaking get it done. *TSK! Went home right after school with Meifeng! I get my stuffs done and went down to dear's school at Yio Chu Kang and fetch him. Dear, I won't be fetching you today only. I'll be fetching you often too, so no worries! :D Took bus72 headed down to Tamp! We went to celebrate dear dad's birthday! (: And yeah, I did something stupid while we were chit-chatting and everyone were laughing at me! *SHY! Dear's mum laughed at me till her face turned damn red! I've a enjoyable dinner with them. After dinner, went to meet Fook Soon and slacked awhile and went home. Won't be attending school tmrl and won't able to meet dear too! ;'( I'll be missing you!

Thursday, April 23, 2009 11:36 PM

I'll blog a short post for today. As I've nothing much to update about! Having our LAST dance practise for this year ;( ITS KINDA SAD! Tmrl will having Speech Day and a very special day too. MY BROTHER'S BIRTHDAY! :D Jun Wei and I went to brought cake and we'll all having steamboat after all my stuffs get done tmrl! *Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!
and and and


Wednesday, April 22, 2009 9:40 PM

Let's call it a day for school!

Didn't attend school today, and I was woke up by LEE JUN WEI this morning! He asked, "Later you wanna go swimming?" I was damn gong this morning. And I forgot what I'd replied him. Lol! So.., we hang up and I continue sleeping. I thought my dad know I didn't attend school. But when the moment I opened my eye and saw him, he asked me, you didn't attend school? I was like.., no...! I'm tired due to rehearsal yesterday. And I thought of continue sleeping again but I can't get back to sleep anymore. So I woke up and went to used computer for awhile. Around 10plus, I get all my stuffs done and went out to meet Jun Wei, Wei Dong, while waiting for Meifeng and Weilin. KHOO WEILIN, this girl uh..., she's always being late. Ahahahas! When she reached phonebooth, we went to Paris Ris Park. My two dearest is entertaining each other by playing water and the 3 of us were sitting down at one corner chit-chatting. Hmmm.., we did chat alot. Around evening, we leave the place and I went to meet Dear and his friends and they went home. And yeah, as I siad. FOOK SOON IS SO DISTUBRING --! Distubring people is his everyday thing to do. *LAUGHED! I got home around 9plus and I was damn freaking tired!
And dear!! Remember this night, I got a special present from you and its hurt! ;'( And you still can laugh at me. RAH!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 11:30 PM

I love my dancers!

Sunday, April 19, 2009 9:50 PM

Yeah, I'm finally back to blogging! It has been a long time since I've blogged. I'm kind of busy doing my school stuffs and have no chance of meeting boyfriend too! AND... TODAY, I FINALLY MET UP WITH HIM! :D Ohhhhhhh, I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! It has been 2days we didn't meet with each other and yesterday I was so pissed off by you! Hmmm.., and you're forgiven! No more next time, yeah? If not I'll definitely screw you up! Yesterday, I did something stupid with my ez-link card. I don't wish to say. But those who know about it, keep it to yourself. Ahaha! I'm damn stupid la! *TSK! Went to meet boyfriend and Fook Soon (Dear's friend). And ya, HE'S DAMN DISTURBING LA! ROFL! I enjoyed my day by his entertaining. HA HA HA! We went to KTV, followed by TM1 walked around and Fook Soon went off to work and dear accompany me down to Enous to looked for Meifeng (Darling). We slacked while waiting for Jun Wei. When he arrived, Meifeng and I went to played basketball and after that, dear and Jun Wei joined in. Woot! It was FUN! :D Reached home, I was kinda tired!
End here, BYE! (:
And and! I missed my dearest sweetheart too! :P

Saturday, April 18, 2009 8:53 PM


Tuesday, April 14, 2009 7:52 PM

Less than 19hours and its our competition!
We've been practising for quite long and its 5 months plus! I hope our effort won't gone all to drain.
GOOD LUCK DANCERS! ;D We must shine on stage.

Love you, guys!


Monday, April 13, 2009 11:41 PM

11th April 2009

Blogging behalf of dear due to some inconvience and obstructions.

Its a saturday. Woke up early in the morning, went all the way to dear's skol and fetch her. Intend to catch a movie at the cathay but end up raining cats and dogs. So decided to watch at plaza sing instead. Something unlucky happen there and i dun wanna elaborate. Zzz..
We caught a movie called KillShot. That movie contains lots of 'fuck'. Boring moive. lol. After movie walked around plaza sing and bought present for dear's fren. Headed back to dear's hs nearby slack awhile and home sweet home.

12th April 2009

Its a sunday. Actually didn't intend to meet up wif dear but end up also meet. lol. After i met my frens, headed down to dear's hs there accompany her bro and her to explore and have fun at the night market Let his bro threw 80balls and won a small kunfu panda keychain. lol. and i just realised that his bro love to eat sharkfin soup. he drank 2-3 bowls of it. -.- bought him happy meal to make him happy and went to nearby slack. Its a fun night afterall.

13th April 2009

Its a monday. Nothing much today. Skol reopens for kids. went down to skol to fetch dear AGAIN. Brought her down to my fren's hs at woodlands wif me. We played majong while dear watch movie. She almost fall asleep while watching movie. lol. pig. -.- dear reach hm ard 9plus while i went to meet my fren.

*I'll always be there if u need. Cheer up my dear. (:

Friday, April 10, 2009 11:27 PM


Well.., everyone knows it a public holiday. *Laughed! Last night, Dear, Wei Dong, Jun Wei and Mei Feng came over to my house for Mahjong :D They played a few rounds and we went to watched DVD. Its a vampire show. Lol!! Its quite funny. We were keep laughing non-stop. After the show, they continue playing and I took over Mei Feng's place. We were keep winning. Tsk tsk!! And yeah, she was tired and sick. So, I asked her go catch some rest first and I went to entertained the 3 guys -.-! Dear and I kept winning and the other two keep losing. OMG, Jun Wei lost the most! We played till the next morning and all were so tired. And they stayed over at my place first. All of us woke up in the noon and went out. Jun Wei and Wei Dong went off first, because they've something on. So, dear, Ivan, Mei Feng and me went over to Sean's house. We went for lunch and followed by accompanying dear went home to get a good shower. Met the both couple 5.30pm at Safra. Thought of playing pool with Ivan but was lots of people. So, dear, Fook Soon(Dear's friend) and Ivan played billard. Mei Feng and I were entertaining each other. Lol! 7plus, dear sent me home and once I reached home, I went to sleep straight away! Tsk tsk! It was a freaking tiring day for me! But still, I did enjoyed! :D

Wednesday, April 08, 2009 10:17 PM

Lazy Dear

I'm back again. BUT this time round i'm posting not because i'm being punish again and is because dear is lazy. -.- like i said, she's ALWAYS lazy. Therefore, she ask mi help her blog.
Dear went to vivo with meifeng and ivan to repair meifeng's phone. A phone which has only been used for less than 3days. so guys bear this in mind, whateva phone u get, dun ever get LG. lol.
After they each headed their own ways back, dear came all the way down to tampines to meet me. dun jealous. [= lol. went to open plaza at tm to slack.
The good thing abt slacking there is its windy and cooling. and the bad thing is i was sort of being bullied by dear. -.- she pinched my nipple. pressed my neck bone. elbow my leg and stuffs. she also can disturb me until she hurt herself. haha. clumsy right! lol. i guess she watched too much WWE or what. Slacked awhile and head off to inter to board bus back home.

The End.
oh ya. Last but not least,
I love my dear shanel too! (:

9:26 PM

My boyfriend is CUTE!

I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend.
I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend.
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I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend.
I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend.
I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend.
I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend.
I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend.
I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend.
I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend.
I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend.
I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend.
I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend.
I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend.
(This is specially for you, dear!) :D

Tuesday, April 07, 2009 11:59 PM

Punishment Part I

Self-intro before i start this short post named 'punishment'. i'm not shanel and i'm annoymous. lol. i was called to post this short post because i'm late so this is my punishment. but i think the main reason y she ask mi to post is because she's LAZY. but i still love her though.
hmmm. what happen today was... met up wif dear and frens at long john for dinner. After her frens went off, she acc. me to tampines to meet my frens. nice of her to do that. [= lol. walked ard tm and cs. sent dear to inter to board bus and off i went.
due to some time constrains, i shall end here. [=
love u dear.

THIS ABOVE POST IS BEING REJECT BY DEAR. therefore, i need to post a better one again.

Punishment Part II

i'm on the phone with dear now. and frankly speaking, i've seriously got no idea what's more for me to write. hmm..
shall write abt dear instead!
She's quite gong[blur] and ben[stupid] and lazy sometimes. BUT she's also quite adorable sometimes, so i'll just pinch her face. lol. her height is 155cm and mine is 170cm. i'm not trying to say that she's short but i'm taller than her. lol. One of my frens also like to tease her because of her height. And dear, teasing and bullying is 2 different words, must learn how to differentiate them. bully is like what u're doing now: lying on ur bed while i'm busy typing these. Dear is not really that bad anyway, she's also quite nice and sweet de. ALWAYS laugh non-stop when she's ard. dun noe y. -.- laugh until our faces cramp.
i guess this post is long enough for dear to accept liao. and my punishment shall ends here.

Sleeptight dear.
Loves and Misses. (:

9:17 PM

Screwed my day!
BYE :'(

Monday, April 06, 2009 8:52 PM

School as per normal, I just woke up later than the time I wanna wake up and late for my meeting. Lol! And heng, my friend got down the bus and waited for me at bus stop instead of meeting in the bus. Because I'M LATE! I rushed down but the bus is just right opposite me. Z! And yeah, music lesson were so slacking cause teacher didn't come. Rofl! 1.30pm, BELL RING! I rushed down to my school bus stop to meet dear, but he was LATE! -.-" ONG YU QIANG, DON'T BE LATE THE NEXT TIME UH! (: Dear, you're so good to wake up early and come down fetch me after my school thought you didn't get enough sleep and you're always sleeping very late. Rah.....................! We were to Cineleisure for our movie "MALL COP." The movie was freaking funny, we keep laughing non-stop and dear laughed louder than the others does. Lmao! I'll rate it 5/5, thought the show abit lame? Ahahahahas! After movie, we went for walked and sat at one corner chit-chatting. And dear's friends is so funnnnnnnnnnnnny. He told me about his friends joke, and we were laughing all day long. And dear bought me for pool! :D OYQ, joker you! You love to disturb me as you said its a tease! Next time, I shall do back on you. AHA! Dear sent me back home and I got home at 9plus. Wah, its a tiring day for me. Yawn..., nights! (:

Sunday, April 05, 2009 1:25 AM

And Lastly...,

Wednesday, April 01, 2009 9:29 PM

Well, its a normal school day for me. And of course, I enjoyed my day in school and even outside with friends :D Oh gosh! Had oral today and I almost tongue tied, but after all I did said what I should have answer to teacher question. Lol! Zhan Yang is so entertaining today. While we're waiting for our oral to start, he dance like a monkey and I kept laughing non-stop. I'm HAPPY! Yu Qiang came down to my school and fetch me after my oral and his friend tag along too. (: Have a good chat with him while we're on our way to E-hub for our movie, "UNBORN"! And yeah, I was so scared and grab Yu Qiang shirt and he and his friend keep laughing at me. Rah!! So yea, YU QIANG. YOU'RE THE ONE WHO LAUGHED THE MOST AT ME. Soon I'll disturb you more than today! :D After all, I've enjoyed!


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