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Love is when reality is better than your dreams.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010 4:18 AM

Luvvvvvvvv youuuuuuu.
Drinking session tonight. *RAWR*

2:15 AM

Okay... Day out with daddy and Wenn today ^^! We scam all Orchard just by shopping. Finally I got my formal shirt but that's no pink for my size D: So I got myself a purple ones :D Caught Alice In the Wonderland at 9.40pm but before that, we went for play pool. Okay, 1st set game. I in 5balls in one shot. *COOL EH*? I, myself was shocked too. Had supper and came back home. *Yawn* Tiring day for me. Shall plan for Malaysia trip next week :D GOD DAMMIT! Phone spoiled and can't get my iTouch today :'(

Monday, March 29, 2010 2:07 AM

OKAY GREAT!! Val BB is making a lunchbox for me tmrl ^^! I am kinda impression with her. She can really treat a friend extremely good if you treat her well. I was thinking, if we know each other since young and how would we be like now? I think without fail, we will always be meeting up with each other for shopping! But for now, we have been meeting up like don't know how many times past. We enjoyed our every single day out. I hope she find it too? :D I think soon we have our own chalet uh? Weeeeeeeeeee* ^^!

Thursday, March 25, 2010 10:56 PM

Amk > Serangoon > Pasir Ris > Home.

Yesterday finally get to meet up with my big sister, Wenn ^^! How good she is. She met up with me 11am at my house bus stop as I got direct bus to AMK! (: She got no choice cause I doesn't want to take mrt. Long ride, tired and lazy! Had our lunch over there first and went to KTV for our singing session! :D Was being high inside and I got scolded by her :/ And yea, most embarrassing thing happened: While I was singing with my hyper-active attitude, this waiter came in. And I was like smiling and laughing at myself. LOL!

2pm-5pm. After singing, K came down meet us at AMK Bread Talk first. Wenn and I were planning to revise our re-test after singing session yesterday but ended up I pulled her down to chalet with me ^^! Head down to Serangoon meet up with J and A first. By the time we reached chalet its already 8pm. Before that I promised Wenn to go home early :( Didn't mange to enjoy myself there! D: Wanted bus back there but lazy. STUPID KEL! How dare you bully me! D:

Was late-d for my re-test this morning!@#$%^& But manage to get a passed! :D KEL, OWE ME CAB FARE! Hahaha. He feel bad cause I asked him to give me a morning call, ended he gave me a morning message -.-" Remember go Malaysia tmrl get something for me hoh, PIG! :D

3:57 AM

Nights people. I am off to bed. *YAWNS* D:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 11:14 PM


Met up with my girl-ly as I don't have any plans today! LAST MIN THINGY! D: Val BB was down by fever! Hopefully she will get well soon ^^! And well, not regretted meeting up with Jolyn. Had a great lunch with her this afternoon at LJS! :D Hahaha. We have been chit-chatting like a grandma this whole afternoon! (Y) I LIKEEEEEEEE! xD Gosh, promised her I would probably bring her down to Thai Disco to celebrate her birthday! (:

My dear girl,

I am happy to chat with you last night. Infact, its nice talking to you throughout the whole conversation we had! (: It's been ages since we have sit down and chat for long. Finally we got meet up with each other due to our hungry-ness this afternoon! Haha. Okay, what I wanted to say is. C'mon, cheer up dear! Listen to my advices. I have been through all. I doesn't want you to have any regrets in your life alright? (: Meet up soon again!

Sunday, March 21, 2010 4:51 PM

Chinatown > Jurong Point > Puggol > Home.

As usual, dad sent me off for my lesson yesterday. Everyone were late-d due to rainy day. Cool, knew another 2more friends there! (: Hahaha. Will I know more friends next week? :D I LIKEEEE! I am being sociable to this world. Can know more what's about this whole wide world.

Mahjong, drinking & poker sessions! (Y)

Last night, Val BB and I had a great dinner at B's house. We get know their Secondary School friends. One of their friend is easy to get along! ( I can't remember his name. ) He's quite funny person. He kept dancing, singing and came out with all sort of jokes. After dinner, mahjong session! I won $4. Hahaha! Seeing, K and another guy were playing so stress-out.

Wanted to go back home around 1am plus but unfortunately I was pulled out from cab by J and K took my bag away. -.-" And I bet the cab driver will be very mad at us for wasting his time. Can't manage to get home so continue staying over with them at B's house. I was being called by a PIG throughout my day. *LMAO* Managed to return home at 5.30am this morning! :D

Friday, March 19, 2010 10:04 PM

Within you I lose myself; without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.

Didn't attend school today. Was rotting at home for the whole day, *SLEEPING* Doesn't have the mood of going anywhere! Gave swimming lesson a skip too, due to rainy day. Was supposed to go for a drinking session today but I gave it a missed. If not, I will be sitting down at Boat Quay with a bunch of friends chit-chatting.

Do you wanna know why I changed? All thanks to you! (: I have becoming a heavy smoker, a drunkard and even go Disco with friends enjoying. Actually I don't really like this feeling but what has done is already done! FYI, I am not pushing all the blames on you. I am just stating the facts. Not replying on blog and said I changed too much, I AGREED! You have also changed in a way that you're a stranger to me now! You make me thinks that you're the one running away from the fact, not me!

Hey c'mon, what you want from me seriously! I am not your spare tire or WHAT-SO-EVER! And I have said previously. "I can understand if you choose Weisia over me, because it was my fault in the first place. But if you are truly happy with her, I will give up on you and give you my blessings. You just have to tell me whether or not you are happy with her. Yes I still love you, but if you love Weisia and you are happy with her, I don't want to be a third party and spoil your relationship, you get it?"

Stop making me like a fool following you. I AM OUT! Saying you love me. CRAP! 10months relationship and ended up going with another girl. What does that show? If she dump you, don't ever come back! You'll regret what you've made it as your choice. I knew something which I don't know will you know about it. Nevermind, I will keep it to myself. I will let you know when the time is right, if you wanna know. Poor guy was dump by her! You will ended up like him.

Bye, my love!

Thursday, March 18, 2010 12:38 PM


Right... My day were fully packed yesterday! Cookies session: Woke up around 9plus and met up with Wenn 10am at Tamp Interchange and we headed over to Ikea. Bought our stuffs and went back to my house. We were all rushing baking cookies. First time of baking cookies :/ Seriously, I have to learn those simple things that girl needed to learn! Baking cookies to me is a simple things :D Thanks Wenn for teaching me. I really appricate it!

Was supposed to attend school yesterday. Lesson from 4pm-6pm! But ended up not going. Wenn and I done preparing, went downstair slacked awhile and I am off to meet Val BB at Bugis :D Was entertaining Val BB and she said I am CRAZY! Laughed* Shopped around and the both of us were like so bored, so we decided to catch a movie. Caught "Being Human." Its a kinda funny show and I finally got to watch it :D

Movie end around 9plus, Val BB and I cab down to Jalan Bersar to meet my cousin and his few friends. Pub was not success but its okay! We went over to Golden Mile, Thail Disco. Val is drunk and she's high last night -.-" She did lots of stupid things, yea! Hahaha. And I wasn't drunk. (Y) I can recall every single things in Disco! One of the guy were sitting infront of us and seriously, he's freaking irritating. Wanting to lend our phone and asking for my number -.-" Irritating fellow! Was feeling moody after drinking. Sigh, I guess I wanna give up! Y'know, I HATE THIS FEELING WHEN YOU ARE ENJOYING YOUR LIFE OUTSIDE AND I AM HERE SUFFERING _l_

Chilling in Disco

Extra person as he know Val will take at the wrong angel.

Acting cool eh? Haah!

Do we look like couple? We are cousin :D

Redish face :O

Monday, March 15, 2010 2:43 AM

It's just a random post.
I found this in my Friendster account.
Oh gosh, I missed those memories in Seconday school life D:

Saturday, March 13, 2010 10:40 AM

Confidents pulled me down! I have no faith in myself ANYMORE!

Am I strong or you are running away from the fact? Val BB is confident for asking me to wait. So I shall give it a try yea? Hopefully everything goes smoothly for me. I am really scared to face the reality :( Maybe this is a punish from god? Yea, well.. I will definitely accept this caused there's nothing much I can change the fact! You have stole my heart and made me love you for lifetime.

Well, today went for some lesson. After 2pm headed down to Serangoon to look for cousin and his friends. Had my lunch there as called my "shits" -.-" For this reason, the previous time I went down to Serangoon, I said him (cousin) eating a bowl of "shits" WTF! After lunch, all of us went over to my cousin's house for mahjong session. YEA, I WON 7 BUCKS :D Our mahjong session ends around 7plus and we cab down to Suntec. Gosh, the day before Val BB and I was at Suntec shopping. -.-" Dinner at Astons again. This time, my cousin pay all for us (Y) :D

Ps: Baby, I miss you badly ;(

Yesterday shopping :

Today's pictures :

Friday, March 12, 2010 1:35 PM

Sigh, cheer up cousin!

Thursday, March 11, 2010 4:51 PM

Grrr! Had NAFA yesterday. Have been keep telling myself run run & run! I see stars.. And yea, I nearly faint. Getting weaker each day past.. Hoping that I can faint one day and not to think about anything. Seriously, things are getting out of hand! How am I suppose to handle it?

Had phase test this morning. Wenn & I were late for the test and handed up with a blanks paper with our name on it. How pathetic! (Y). SCREWED MY PAPERS! Seeing people surround me were sad. Sigh, I don't even know how to cheer them up when I used to be. Am I being too useless? :(

Headed over to Town afterwards. Yay, I saw one formal shirt which I really wished to get it! I am getting it real sooooooooooon~ :D *PINKY* Tried a few pieces of clothes but my eye is on-ing on my formal. Hehe! Went back to school with Yue Han & Wenn left to meet her friends ;( Bored in school without her. Tsk*

After school headed home straight. Thought of resting at home cause whole body aching. When the moment I sat infront of my comp. *RINGING TONE* My cousin called me and asked me down to Serangoon to drink with him and afew his friends. Went to shower straight after hanging up the phone call. Rush out and my phone ring again! Guess who? MY DEAREST DAR! :D Gosh! I missed her so much and finally I met her just now. She joined us for drinking session too. (Y)

Did something stupid. I, myself was laughing too. I suppose to drop at Serangoon after I saw the Bus Interchange but 15mins ride in bus, I saw MRT Station and I stopped at Upper Paya Lebar. WTF! -.-"

Been smoking like hell~ Ciggs flowing freely like water tape! I was wondering when can I just stop smoking and drinking for the time being. I am a drunkard and heavy smoker for now, I supposed? People around do say I changed! :( Yea, change as in my attitude get fucked up easily.

Each time having breathing difficulties and feel like fainted, I guess death is closer to me. But who cares? SHANEL, YOU SUCK BIG TIME!


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