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Friday, February 27, 2009 3:27 PM

Its a good day!
Happy Birthday my little cute Dennis!
Went over to meet baby today, after that we went over to amk to get baby's brother birthday present. But there's nothing much, so we head over to Suntec City. And well, we've bought a board game for him. I hope you'll like it. (: I'll be updating photos soon and its with baby. And i've enjoyed the celebrating just now! :D
And anyway, i didn't attend school for 2days, as i'm very tired and lazy due to common tests and dance practise. It was a tiring day for me yesterday! We all have to rush for our dancework's. Soon i'll be going school on monday and i've promised baby must work harder on my studies and i'll definitely hold on to my words. :D

Monday, February 23, 2009 6:18 PM

Well! Actually this morning i suppose to meet my friend for breakfast and i can't seems to wake up or i should say i don't actually feel like waking up anymore! And well, in the end i still went to school because i've tests! And WELL! I've screwed up my maths paper! Wtf -.-" I didn't even know how to do and my brain doesn't seems to work and its all BLANK BLANK BLANK! Seeeeeeeeeee, its all blank. Nevermind! I'm sure i'll flunk my freaking maths paper -.-!

After school went to met Dardar! I didn't see her for quite long time and i missed her. And she kinda good, yeahs! She came and fetch me after school. Lols! Thanks dar and cousin! I didn't know you all will still love me and i'm very touched :'( And thanks people! :) We went to Bugis shopping after that, she kept telling me about guys. Lols!! And i also have no interest with anyone. *Laugh! And meeting her on next monday again! We suppose we'll go drink, ktv and for pool. :D Tmrl and wednesday will be drinking. Woots! Its so AWESOME!

Tmrl paper will be Science and CPA! Z............

Sunday, February 22, 2009 12:39 PM

I'm crying like a baby!

Saturday, February 21, 2009 8:14 PM

Well! Woke up early in the morning, as i don't know what to do cause i couldn't get back to sleep anymore! Went to shower and loiter around alone outside for this morning! After that, i called meifeng as i'm really very down! :( I really don't know what to do by then. I'm very scare now. I don't wish to say it out anymore. I'll find my way to get you back! No matter how hard it take, i'll still try my very best. Hopefully, i won't do it half way. And i hope you can see any changes in me. I mean the good side and not the back ones. And i really hope we can go back to the past as how we used to. Hmm, so i went down to meet meifeng and we head toward simei don't know do what -.-" We went to drink and meifeng say my face is very red and i'm very drunk. Lols! I almost knock out but heng, i can tahan abit more. And meifeng is really crazy! She keep laughing all the way and she's also drunk. *Laugh! Thanks guys being there for me when i need you. And thanks for being my listening ear. I keep on saying all my thing out, i know you guys ears are going burst. Lols!! I really really don't know what to do :'( OMG!!!!!! T.T I really want you to back with me again.

Thursday, February 19, 2009 8:56 PM

HO! I'm back blogging.
These few days really happened lots of thing between me and baby.
But everything were overcome! (:
And i'm seriously happy because everything had solved and there's always a room for my improvement.
You're seriously a nice boyfriend that i had!
And baby who's always the one tolerating me.
And i'll change for good this time round,
i won't wanna disappoint you and even make you angry.
I can't be selfish too!
Because this relationship is concerning me too.
I must think of how to make baby happier each day and enjoy life with me whenever we go out rather than i causing all those troubles.
All my mind is full of you and your images.
I can't stop for a day not thinking of you because it will really KILL ME! Rah.
And not to forget, baby will always being love by me.
More and more i've fallen real deep for baby.
I won't wanna leave you. I want to stay for good.
I just simply want to be with baby eternity :D
And baby will only be the guy i always love.
My love for baby always have no limit.
Because you're seriously loved by me!
I love you, baby! And you're seriously mean alot to me.
Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! :D

* And i'll bring out our past happiness and forget all those unhappy stuffs and i won't bought it up again (: I'll work hard being a good girlfriend and it's my job to do so. You're always in mind heart. I miss you, my dearest baby! :D

Sunday, February 15, 2009 10:49 PM

This post is only meant for baby to read it.
Well, Baby! Valentine's Day has just past almost 1day. And i missed yesterday all those fun outing with baby and baby was so crap! You've been crapping for the whole day and made me laughed non-stop! Sometime you can really be a joker to me and make me happy. Even if it's just a small little thing, i also also feel touched (: How i wished everyday would be a Valentine's Day to me. Oh baby oh! You're seriously a good boyfriend to me. But to others they might think that you're bad but to me you're not. In my life now, all i need is just YOU! I need you to be by my side, i need you to be with me. And i always need you to love me :D I love you, baby! No matter how hard is this relationship going on, i won't give it up so easily. Muacks :*

10:22 PM

Is life so difficult to move on?!
I just believe that if you've a plan ahead.

Well well! Today is just a normal day for me. I woke up in the afternoon at 2plus and my whole body was so weak. I couldn't even walk so much. If i were to walk, i'll feel very exhuasted and tired. Went to meet gerald (daddy) under my blk for awhile to chat about his relationship and he really sound so sad :( He could even wanna to die and doesn't want his life. When he comes to say about this. I remembered about derrick past away. And i almost cry. I doesn't want you to end up your life just like this. And i doesn't wanna lose anyone. Life is precious and you shouldn't give away your life. I know life is meaningless to you but to others it might not be. Doesn't mean your life will be forever bad. And you're soon 19! You've future. Derrick past away is just 17!! *Seeeeeeeeeee! I hate when people wanna say this! Because you guys let me recall what happened on derrick!! AH! :'( Daddy, i hope you seriously will think about it and don't do foolish thing. Alright? You still have your friends and me around with you. AND STOP SMOKING TOO MUCH!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009 7:15 PM

First of all i wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day to everyone (:
After dance, i went out with baby to Vivo City and celebrate.
And guess what, baby bought me a bouquet of flower again.
I'm so happy to recieve presents from baby :D
And i gave baby a couple mug and a card (handmade).
I hope baby will like the present too, yeah?
When we reached, we hunt for foods and we were very hungry. Lols!
While we're on the way there, baby keep grumbling to me that he's hungry!
And baby seriously like a PIG! he tend to eat alot now. Tsk tsk!!
We went to Serect Recipe for our lunch and we ordered a Valentine's Day set meal!
And we were very full. *Laughed!
After eating, we went to walked around there and after that we headed to Bugis.

Anyway, this message is for my dearest baby only!
Here we go!
Happy Valentine's Day! And i enjoyed celebrating with you today (: Althought we didn't spend much time for today, i hope you really enjoy your day today and this will be a memorable one for you. Eh, no... I should say, even it's just a simple day for us, it will also be a memorable one for you! :D And every single small little thing baby do, its really touched my heart. And i promised not to leave you no matter what happen and i'll definitely take my words. Baby can put mind at ease, alright? I love you the most. Muacks muacks! :D

Friday, February 13, 2009 10:33 PM

In a few hours time, it will be Valentine's Day.
And Happy Valentine Eve to everyone (:
Hope you all are enjoying your day with your relationship, family or friends.
And have a memorable day with them :D
And of course! Not to forget about myself and my dearest boyfriend.
I'll definitely enjoy my whole of the day of tmrl and celebrate Valentine Day with baby.
And tmrl is also a tiring day for me, because i'm having dance practise.
Is this also celebrating Valentine Day with my dancers? Haha!
But nevermind! It's also enjoying by dancing with them all along.
And DANCERS! We shouldn't disappoint in anyone of us in this team and we must really work hard for our dancework.
These few days, i know we've alot of hard work and practises. If we continue maintain our strenght, i believe we'll win. Alright! (:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 8:46 PM

Here to blog as requested by baby!! Lols! Woke up at 11+ due to those noise pollution at my house!! Ahahas!! And at the same time I received baby's message!! What a coincident!! I got off my bed and went straight to shower and stuff and rot infront of my ps3 while waiting for baby to come!!! I wanted to fetch baby from school but my left leg is not in good condition so baby restrict me from fetching her!! : ( Close to 2 pm, baby reach my house and we have our lunch follow by watching Step up 2!! We're not really concerntrating on the show cause we're playing around!! In between the show, I was told to develop those family photo that was taken months ago cause Grandma has been grumbling about those photo! LMAO! Beside developing those family photo, I would still develop those photo that was taken with baby during the Sentosa trip! : D When the printer ink ran out, baby and I watch the last part of step up 2! Thats the part which I find it the most interesting! Lols!! After the show, I sent baby home!!

Baby, I've something which I want you to know! I seriously don't know that was coming and I didn't gave baby a chance to explain! I hope baby don't put that in mind! In future if anything were to happen, baby just tell me directly! And those promises baby made, not only made me gain back my confidence it also increases it by a huge gap! I'm greatful to have you as my girlfriend and I don't mind pampering you with all I can!! I'm willing to give up on anyone or anything just because of baby! I love you, baby!! Muarks! : D

Sunday, February 08, 2009 6:57 PM

Dance is my passion! (:

Woots! I seems to love dance quite alot now, thought the training was tought. But i'm still enjoyed. And now we guys are preparing for our dancework competition follow by our SYF! I was so exhuasted after my dance practise every Thursday and Saturday. But i find it so cool. I really hope this year our dancework and at least win something. Alright dancers, we shall work hard in this whole month! :D

Wednesday, February 04, 2009 8:26 PM


I've done uploading all photos. Pictures are all below. (:
Let me continue blogging,
Woke up early in the morning at 6plus got changed and stuffs and went off to meet Zhengcao and meifeng for breakfast. After that, yangjia came. 1hour later, debi came too. and we headed to Cine for Ktv. We reached that damn early and still not open yet. Haha! We reached that around 10plus and slacked there for awhile. After that, BABY came :D And he gave me flowers. *WEEEEEEE! I recieved lots of presents :D Thanks guy for celebrating with me.
After 3pm, we walked our seperated way. I and baby went to celebrate our 5th month anniversary :D Firstly, i followed baby to Raffles place to get back money and we headed to Amk for dinner and movie. It was GREAT! It's a enjoyable day for me. Reached home around 9plus and i was exhuasted. *SLEEP* Not to forget.



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