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Love is when reality is better than your dreams.

Blog posts.

Sunday, May 31, 2009 1:07 AM

Author: Qiang

Back once again to help dear to blog. Her mind is blank and empty now, can't think of anything to blog. SO she came to ask me to blog behalf of her instead.
Woke up early in the morning and meet dear at her hs area. SHE'S LATE even though its so near her hs. i still remember her sleeply dumb cute face when i met her. hahaha. We head all the way down to woodlands to my fren's hs. Me and frens were busying doing our stuffs and dear was sitting quietly on the bed using my laptop. BUT not to forget, dear also got disturb me regards her tiredness. Nothing much happen today, was packed wif lots of stuffs to do today.

But i've got a stupid lame poem to share wif u guys. One of my fren named shaun wrote it:
ur mother jump
ur father jump
ur mother and father jump jump jump
jumping to ur uncle hse
then ur uncle fly
ur auntie fly
fly to ur hse

=.= yea. i know its lame, but that's what shaun wrote.
Off to entertain dear now!
BYE! (:

Friday, May 29, 2009 12:42 AM

Loving you is a everyday thing.

I didn't get to blog recently as there's nothing much to update about. I thought of staying at home today but who knows, dear came and told me in msn that we're going sing k as I was stucking at home and no where to go this whole afternoon. *TSK! Dear end at 5pm and I went to prepare and off to meet dear 6pm at Tamp Inter but I was late. I'm so sorry! ;( Alvin booked 7-9pm at Teo Heng but all of us were late too. So, he changed to 8-10pm. It was fun afterall! Alvin and Fan sang Indian song. HAHA! Reached home around 11plus. I shall stop here, tmrl need to wake up early and fetch my dear after his school :D I'm tucking in now. Goodnights, people!
3more days! (:

Monday, May 25, 2009 11:23 PM

As usual, school as per normal. Had photos taking this morning with classmates and we were so slacked in class, nothing to do either. Everyone was chit-chatting among themselves and I was multi-tasking with lots of stuff. I was chatting, texting with boyfriend, sleeping and etc. After school, went home after Meifeng all had their lunch. I thought of after showering and get some rest but the moment I stare infront of my comp, I heard my phone ring. So I went to picked it up! And it was Chee Boon. Heng uh, at the moment I was so bored and once I ended up my phone call, I went out to meet them. I thought I was the late-comer but come lastest is them --! HA HA HA! Johnny keep entertaining me by dancing "Nobody" song, disturbing me and Chee Boon! Ohya, and unfortunate thing happened! Alvin's phone lost. He was shag about it and say lots of words.
  • Alvin said :
My girlfriend don't want me,
No girls want me,

My phone don't want me,

My mum don't want me,
My dad don't want me,

I want nobody but you --!

It was a cold joke entertained by them. Lol! We walked around and bought tickets while waiting for dear to come back from Yio Chu Kang. *TSK! We watched "Fireball Muay Thai Dunk". Well, it was a damn freaking violent movie and its introuduce by Johnny. He wanted to watch it, so we agreed to it. After that, home sweet home and I'm very tired! *Yawn!

Goodnight, loves! :D

Saturday, May 23, 2009 11:24 PM

Today, boyfriend came down and met up under my blk. After that we headed to the nearer coffee shop just nearby my house and had lunch together, followed by we headed down to Bugis. I got all my cosmetics and yeah, I bought a few and asked boyfriend help me with it. He was kinda funny! HA HA HA. I forgot he's a guy and I keep asking him all those girl stuffs --! How retarded I can get? Well, nevermind! Just in time, I got all my things and headed back to Tamp Mall for our movie "NIGHT A THE MUSEUM 2" This show was my LONG WAITED MOVIE and I finally get to watch it. I shall rate it 5/5. IT WAS FREAKING NICE. Dear brought me buy a bear and how sweet you can get. MUACKS! :D

Friday, May 22, 2009 11:33 PM

I love you! (:

First of all, I wanted to apologize! I'm so sorry, dear and I love you! (: Went down to fetch dear after his school and rush back to his house. Waited for dear to get shower and change, and went out dinner with his family. Yu Xiong, I hope you enjoyed your dinner and celebration tonight :D A happy birthday to you once again. After dinner, went over to dear's aunty house for cake cutting and after that we headed down to T-mart. I stayed awhile and home sweet home. WEEEEEE! Tmr going out for movie :D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 10:16 PM

Lovelocked ;
Baby, you always do know that I love you!

Ohwell.., it's Wednesday and dear lesson only have 2hours to attend after that can go home. 10am dear released from school and I went down to his place to look for him at around 1plus. Ohman! I MISSED HIM LOTS, CANNNNNNNNN!!! At around 4plus we went down to meet Hao and Amanda and the rest. Went over to T-mart for dinner and was having lots of crapping thingy, after that all guys went up to Lan Shop for Dota and expect for Chee Boon was sitting there accompany Amanda and me. Amanda told us quite a few of real ghost story and I were there scaring myself --! WHOA, I SACRE TILL I SHIVERING. Zzz! After 1hours later, they came down and we were chit-chatting! While we were waiting for bus, Johnny was entertaining us and all were laughing at him. He's such a crap today! AHAH!

This post is only main for you and I really hope you could read this BUT I know it's impossible! ;(
Alright, it has been long since I've blog about one of my very good friend. I knew him 3years plus and he's noone else but DERRICK! I happened to pass by someone's blog and saw his face on her profile and I was totally SHAG! I nearly burst my tears, I swear! The moment I saw that, my emotion totally change? And I think of how he pass away and I was damn pissed off and upset. I don't know should I blame you for doing such stupid thing? I didn't treasure you when you're around and I've regretted ;( I'm being such a selfish girl and I'm always taking thing for granted! I'm not a good friend of yours. If I know thing will happen like this, I won't leave you alone behind. I hope you could rest in peace and I'll remember you. I'm sorry! ;'(

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 4:09 PM


Monday, May 18, 2009 8:19 PM

Life is a maze & love is a riddle.

Oh well... I suppose today gonna be a short post. When the moment I open my eyes, I saw my dear FIANCE'S message. He's being so sweet and caring and being the way he's, I just simply love him! :D WOOT, I got my piercing already! Met up with dear after Meifeng went off. And followed by Alvin and Remus. Remus's being such a lamer today. Actually I've another two more funny pictures of Remus and he took away my phone and deleted! :( *TSK!

Sunday, May 17, 2009 12:03 AM

(My Fiance ; BABY! :D)
It's gonna be a short post.
RAH..., I was awake by DEAR! Before dear call, I went to toilet and wanted to continue sleeping but he called and I picked up. He keep irritated me by waking up --! Went to shower and get changed, followed by go down dear's place look for him. Lol! Waited for dear to get prepare and stuffs and we went down to meet Amanda, Hao and Chee Boon. Bus-ed to Tamp Inter mrt station to meet Ee-fan and Alvin. Chatted lots of stuff with Amanda. Haha! After that we went down to City Hall. Thought of watching movie with them but the time slot was so late ;( And even thought of going Kbox BUT it was expensive. *BORED! So we went to eat dinner after that dear sent me home. Next week will be watching NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2. I can't wait to watch that! Hahahahahahaha. Oh boy, you're so loved! :D

Friday, May 15, 2009 11:13 PM


Me & Malik
Awww, having Maths paper today. I scare I might flunk due to my playful-ness and cause it to be like this. I left some questions blank and was not really feeling well of concerntrating on my papers. RAH! I was having a terrible headache all of a sudden --! After second paper, went over to Computer Lab and get done of my coursework. AND YES, I FIANLLY DONE WITH IT AFTER SO LONG! Thought of going down to meet dear at Tamp with school uniform cause I was lazy to go home and get change but in the end, I ended home and get changed and went down to dear's place to look for him! And was raining heavily, I got drenched afterall. Zzz! We went to meet Hao and Amanda as usual place and headed down to T-mart for our dinner. I was famished AFTER QUITE SOMETIME --! After that, headed to Lan Shop. Amanda intro me a game "Left4Dead" I do not know how to play and they taught me. While playing, I was screaming all the way in the shop :/ All the zombies keep eating me and I was scared. Dear and the others keep laughing at me. WTH! First time playing, not knowing much about it. Went home after playing and dear's sweet. He sent me home. MUACKS! :D

Hey, my dear boy!
Here's my message for you. I bet you'll be reading this post and smiling in your heart. It's true, we were together less than 2month but when we were together spending our time, it flies fast! I missed and enjoyed every second I've spent with you. I've faith in our relationship and we can be bonding even more. If someone ask me, "do you love your boyfriend?" I'll answer; "YES, I DO. HE'S NOONE ELSE BUT SOMEONE'S IMPORTANT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE." As you said, I'm not your girlfriend but your fiancee. So you shall be my fiance too! :D I'll never let you go cause I know it's difficult to let go a person that I loved the most. I've lost it once and I doesn't wanna lose it another one. And not even death can do us apart. Boy, I just want to let you know that I'm also fallen too deep for you. I love you tons :D

Thursday, May 14, 2009 11:10 PM

It was raining cats and dogs in the morning --! And I was woke up by the thunder so loudly and I went back sleeping again. 12plus I heard my phone ringing, so I picked it up. And do you guys know who isit? It was L. JUN WEI! He woke me up, if not I'll sure continue sleeping like a pig :/ I was on the phone with my dearest boyfriend last night and we chatted lots of stuffs and were crapping with each other too. Haha! I woke up by my phone's call and went to get change and stuffs followed by meeting Meifeng and Yang Jia. We headed to Macdonald and manage to study alittle bit and we went off to Orchard. Took quite some amount of photos but we were not despo of taking photo, we were just mainly bored so we did that. There's one of the picture Meifeng is kissing me, but it wasn't. She was just looking at me, that's all. *Laughed! 6plus headed down to Tamp and meet dear! I thought we were not able to meet up but dear said, we managed to meet up afterall. Rofl. After that, we waited for Alvin and Johnny to come, followed by Cheeboon and one girl( I forgot her name. ) Lmao. My main purpose of going down to Tamp is too see my baby! :D Home sweet home around 9pm. *BORED! Tmrl having Math papers. And and, woots! Dear allowed me to have a piercing on my nose :D I'll get it done soon. Thanks dear!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 11:32 PM

Author: Qiang

Back to help dear blog once again because of her laziness. Finally get to meet dear after 2days of tight schedule. She rushed down to my hs straight after she done wif her preparing at hm. Chat awhile on the phone while she was in the bus, so she asked me to wait for her at my hs bus-stop BUT she ended up alighting at the bus-stop before my hs. -.- In the end also meet up under my blk. lol. I was using com while she was sleeping so soundly on my bed. Guess she's really tired out. Her cute sleeply face makes me laugh in my heart. Went to t-mart ard evening for dinner and slacked. Full of craps and jokes while slacking wif my frens and dear of course. And dear keep repeating that she've got no skol tml while i end mine at 5pm! Life is unfair. =.= Went to play lan wif frens after sending dear to the bus-stop. Back home after lan.

A short phrase delicated just for u:
If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand. (:

10:24 PM

Wtf! I screwed up my Science paper2. It was totally CRAP! Paper2 is a killer as Mr Poh had mentioned it to us before. *Ahhhhh, Just forget it then. I was totally gonna give up hope on my Science. After papers, I'd MotherTongue Oral. It was a bad day too and my day totally suck it up --! I'd a quarrelled with darling and I suppose the both of us are fine now. Well, let's not talk about school topic. We shall talked about after school then. After oral, I got home and changed. Went over to dear's place and he was busying entertaining his friend by Dota-ing and I fell asleep. Haha! *See, I'm tired. LOL! After that, we went to Hao's nearby house bus stop there and bus to T-mart. We'd dinner over there. 7plus the others came and we were happily chit-chatting and Alvin is the entertainment for today. He keep doing all those funny faces and talked like an retarded :/ I laughed like nobody business. *Tsk!

Sunday, May 10, 2009 12:47 AM

Somewhere between our little jokes, I fell in something called "LOVE".

First of all, I wanted to say is HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Let all those mums be cheerful and stay pretty. Of course, my mum is always the most prettier women in my heart! (: I wished the whole world of women who's a mum enjoyed their day and celebrate their "Mother's Day" day. You'll recieve a wonderful present from your child. And SHANEL here will bring her mum out for dinner and of course, paying all those bills will be my dad :/ HA HA HA! When I'll be working, I'll definitely bring my mum out and bills shall be me paying. And tmrl will be my mum's birthday --! She's the luckier ones. After celebrating Mother's Day, it's her birthday! *TSK! Poor dad :D

WOOTS, enjoyable day! Went out to Suntec with dear and his friends. They can freaking joke alot! And I were laughing. And Amanda is cute too, she's a hyper active girl. We went to watched movie "STAR TREK". It was a cool show and I rated it 4/5. Because starting of the show we missed it and I watched till blurr --! And I keep asking dear this and that, he say I bendan! Wtf. Kelvin keep honging dear and poor me :( RAH! After the show, we went over to Starbuck and slacked awhile. Here's a story for you guys, Yang Jia and Alex HOT! *Tsk tsk! They did alot of things and talking! Story shall stop here, I doesn't wanna continue. Later they thought I say something bad about them. Haha! It's a tiring day for me. Home sweet home at 11plus. YAWN, NIGHTS! :D

Saturday, May 09, 2009 12:00 AM

From: Dear♥
Re: Goodnight message(Last night)

The first time I saw you, you caught hold of my heart. The second time I saw you, you steal my heart. Every now and then I saw you, you always melt my heart. You always make me miss you so much when I never see you and make me love you so much regardless I see you or not. I'll love you with my heart till the end. We shall never be apart. I shall make sure you'll be my wife in future. All these are not words that just comes and pasts, they're words that comes from bottom of my heart. I love you my lovely dear. I've sent an angel to look after you as you sleep. So sleeptight. Goodnights. Muacks! (:

When I recieved this goodnight message from my dearest boyfriend. I was touched but not only touched for that night. It's every words and actions he do for me. You're that someone who always love me tease me and everything but still.., I'll still love you with my whole heart! I just wanted to tell you this 3letters 8words 1meaning, I LOVE YOU! :D

Friday, May 08, 2009 10:56 PM

Loves, QIANG! :D
(Dear's jiaobin --!)
We were on the phone last night and he showed me this pictuer and I decided to show it to you guy. I know he's cute! He's always a cute boyfriend to me. Ahaha!

Reached home around 10plus. Same thing as usual. After school, went home and went down to dear's place and look for him. DEAR, do take care of yourself! When I reached his place, he was playing Dota and I was sitting there doing my own thing and reading Newpaper. I'm such a GOOD GIRL. LOL! After he play finished, we went down to Hao place and went down to T-mart together. Had dinner with them. After that, some of them went up to play Lan and Kelvin came, followed by Yang Jia and Veronica. Haha! Yang Jia keep hitting me and asking me go clubbing --! But boyfriend don't allowed, so too bad for me! *LAUGHED*

F = Father
A = And
M = Mother
I = I
L = Love
Y = You

I've realised that actually I've a wonderful family. So, I do love them! They're noone else and is someone that who were only blood-related to me. THEY'RE MY FAMILY! :D
It'll be a short post for today as today nothing much to blog about. I just kill my time slacking but it's still an enjoyable day for me! They've crack lots of jokes. *Tsk! I'll be going out to meet dear. HEHE! :D I.LOVE.YOU! :P

Wednesday, May 06, 2009 10:27 PM

You're been loved! (:

O.H.G.O.S.H..! I'D A TERRIBLE HEADACHE THIS MORNING! I was having my Mother Tongue papers for Listening Comp and paper 1. I can't fucking focus on my paper! I scare I might flunk on my Listening Comp paper. And I'd English Listening Comp and the paper was easy for me. I've confident of passing the paper! :D After that, I went home and get changed and went down to dear's place and look for him. He kinda missed me and keep rushing me faster go down to his place. LOL! And of course.., I MISS HIM TOO! :D 6plus, we went up to his aunty's place followed by meeting his friends. We went to slacked! I got home at around 9plus and was kinda tired. YAWN! I'm off to bed! GOODNIGHTS (:

Sunday, May 03, 2009 5:27 PM

Every sweet words coming out from you, it melts my heart!
You bring me joy and everything.

Shanel has changed! She's no longer a girl who's live in the past and depend on anyone. She's independent enough to solve problems with all she could. She won't wants history to repeats itself. She HATES the past and herself but.., not now! (: She've a devoted boyfriend now and she wants to love him forever. He's noone else but Ong Yu Qiang!

Saturday, May 02, 2009 10:08 PM

Ohmygosh...! Examination is around the corner and I must really buck up with all my studies! I've neglected it since starting of this year. I really can't let this continue going on! Okay.., well! I shall stop crapping here. Continue with my post, as you guys read yesterday post and its my boyfriend help me blog and its our ANNIVERSARY! Time flies really fast. We went shopping and I saw those nice clothes, I MUST GET IT REAL SOON! :D Today, went out study with Meifeng and she was bored so.., I entertained her. She laughed like nobody's business! *HAHA* After that, meet up with, Jun Wei , Justin , Zhan Yang , Weilin and Geokching went to Bugis. We went there for awhile and Meifeng went off, followed by Weilin and Geokching. We went shopping and with all photos taking! #PICTUES ALL BELOW! (: I miss my boyfriend. I didn't get to see him today! So.., monday we'll be meeting. I'll be looking forward to it! :D I MISS YOU!


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