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Tuesday, January 26, 2010 3:29 PM

I am so gonna blog about yesterday. It was a perfectly great day with my clique :D Ahwenn, Yue Han, Samson, Kelvin, Da Matthew & Lloyd. Headed to MS ( Marina Sqaure ) as planned. Though of asking Tristan to tag along but every Monday is his training ;( Hmmm... He didn't even have the chance to go out with us.

I have neglected my Dance Club cause I wanted to enjoy my day with my clique. Hopefully they are enjoying themselves yesterday. Sister Daniel didn't tagged along too ;( He wanted to ton on my chalet, so he sacrificed himself by going home early everyday after school.

Even though, yesterday my day was spoilt by dumb, wanted to go home but as my promised to them, I will definitely go with them outing if we plan. Everything goes well afterall. Dumb have apologise to them and he will try to change his "bad" attitude infront of me.

Thanks for the bear as my birthday gift. I seriously like it! I didn't know you will actually bought it for me. As Wenn & me were there seeing bear and she asked me which I like, so I told her. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! SHOCKED. Geegee~

Went for bowling at 8pm as there have a event so we wait, and everyone agreed! (: Dumb & Kelvin missing. Its just above this and you will know it. Hahaha! Slacked as we nothing to do. I was seriously like a clown, making them laughed. I love their laughter! :D

Ah Wenn & I have a new phone, "CHINA PHONE." Army green & grey slippers. We used that as our communication as we both playing & joking around. ALL LAUGHED LIKE MAD. Played True or Dare. While playing, the both missing guy came back.

Went to play bowling as clock strike 8PM. WE WERE LMAO! Da Matt was soooooooo funny. He threw the ball away and not striking the pins. And we thought he threw to other's lane. But who knows "BANG" he threw toward the wall. LOL!! AND AND SAMSON. Tsk tsk!! He wanted to throw the ball but he walked like an gangster. Rofl! -,-! He run like a small boy. Me, instead my ball is rolling forward but its rolling toward the back. ALL LAUGHED AT ME AND EVERYONE WERE LOOKING AT ME. "Pai Seh"

Today, gave Wenn a surprise! Da Matthew bought a new watch for her and Daniel, Yue Han & me fork out the money too (: Hope she will like it yeah! Love you, girl! (: She saw the watch and she were moved to touched and cried. Tsk tsk!! That's very bad.

What a bad day too. Tsk! I don't wish to bring it up. I supposed you will read my blog and you know who you are. This time, I am seriously MAD!!! Grrrrrrrrrr! :@

Lastly, my baby hamster gave birth to 8 babies :D Hopefully she won't eat them all. Tsk! *Scared

Pictures are uploaded below :
True or Dare :

Saturday, January 23, 2010 1:03 AM

Thanks for the day, people! (22/1/2010)
L4D2 > Shop > Fish Spa > L4D2 > Home.
Though yesterday my day was like belonging in the Lan Shop, but overall I still enjoyed myself (: First thing to do. Woke up & get preparing myself. Meet dumb, Matthew & Daniel at PS "Sweet Talk" 2pm.

Dumb and I was like never late and being early for 10mins before it strike 2pm. Well, dumb first time not being late. Everyday gave him a morning call for school and he was like so draggy. I can understand you stayed at Tiong but please rest early for school (:

"REMEMBER, NOT TO BE LATE ON MONDAY!" If not, Will sure screwed us up. Tsk!

Gee gee~ Our clique have more & more planned for like every weeks outing. This coming Monday, going Town & help Kelvin celebrate his "very" belated birthday. Sorry, I have forgotten. We will sure give you a surprise, I supposed? :/ "Thinking how to make your day bright."

Tuesday, basketball after school at my house :D I have been waiting for so long. Rah~ Everyone has direct bus home, so there's nothing I am worrying about. "BUS 5" :/ Hahaha.

Okay, back to my topic for yesterday. Met the 3 of them and head for our lunch at Aston as everyone have no preference and I suggested. Hmmmm! After that, we head for our L4D2 as our craving came. Ha! Kelvin came while we were in game.

After the game, Matthew & Daniel go off. Dumb, Kelvin & I head over to Orchard Ion to meet up with Samson & one of his friend. Sam, you ever disturb me, I complain to Wenn :P I hope miracle will happen on Sam & Wenn.

And thanks darling Wenn to be my listening ear all the time. Smile (: *L*

Hmmm.., Sam & his friend went off. The 3 of us went over to Orchard 313 for Fish Spa. It was our first time being here. Soooooo cool~ And I LIKEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :D Thought of playing pool but it was pack full ;( Hopefully I will get the chance to play pool again.


Wasn't feeling well since yesterday. Was like keep running towards the toilet. TSK! "Tummyache." Left house at around 6plus and we started our dinner at 7.30pm. Don't have any appetite for dinner. Was like so called damn full and can't finish my 1 bowl of rice. I stuff into my mouth with all those foods on my plate ;(

Argh~ My favourite crabs but I just ate 2 of it and the rest I can't finished it D: Had cake cutting session, I shared with my mum and ate like....... 4 mouth with a small bite. Head over to Chinatown after dinner. Like walking here & there without any mind set. Home-d at 1plus and nothing to do. Sooooo bored! ;(

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 6:59 PM

(Y) Hate myself ttm.

I don't wish to mention anything in my blog. I always enjoyed being with my clique. I can shared with ahwenn my problems (: She is a nice girl, yeah! When I am low, she will always find time to accompany me no matter what. As for tristan, he doesn't want to tell me anything why he being sad ;(

Yesterday went to over to Matthew's house there played basketball till night. It was fun afterall. Someone are being kind, accompany me take bus22 then alight at my house took bus5 home alone. Tsk tsk!!

Today, went to amk hub caught "JUMP". It was freaking cool, yeah! I love the movement when they dance. After movie, we went back to school for our lesson and we just go like 45mins -.-! If we know end early, we wouldn't have attend to school today. Slacked awhile then come home. After that met ahwei they all play basketball. Woots~ I am so used of playing basketball now. I LIKEEEEEE! :D

Hmm, I have a overdue picture. My dearest clique (:

Sunday, January 17, 2010 8:05 PM

ARGH! Moodless~ Can anyone message me for the whole night? ;(

Friday, January 15, 2010 11:34 AM

Sorry, we couldn't celebrate your birthday today. Cause we were in a rush after that. Promise you, next week we shall go celebrate with you. Argh~ Having headache this morning ;( Later going for our O's lvl english 2pm-4pm. Z! Night, I still going to ktv for a sing :P I LOVE SINGING LAR. If I have the chance, I will definitely go for it. Hehe!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 9:49 PM


Monday, January 11, 2010 9:33 PM

I love my classmates!! (:
Love them...

Happy birthday, Lloyd. Hope you enjoyed yourself out with us today. Thought its just a simple celebration but we still want your smile to be there. Hope you have a good great time today :D *L*

New 2students came to join our class today. Named Matthew and another one Samson. Had our first lesson, LPD. Came in one chinese man teacher looked like a malay guy. He speaks with us and joke in class. Out of all lessons, we like the most lesson is this. The first time I came in to ITE, I thought I won't have a nice friends in class but I was wrong. Thought my friends some looked like gangster but actually they are not. They are friendly! My clique of friends, Ahwenn, Matthew, Lloyd, Tristan, Daniel, Yuehan, Dass, Xiao Matt, Kelvin, Chris and Samson. (Sorry, I have forgotten some names. Don't blame me D:) I love every single day hanging out with you guys :D

Thursday, January 07, 2010 11:14 PM

Lost days, pictures fade.

As some know, things happened. Ya... I maybe be heartless. So do you guys know what happened between us? NO -.-! I will reconsider you again.

Monday, January 04, 2010 11:58 PM

Should this be nice?

Friday, January 01, 2010 11:53 PM

Love you to hell~~

I have been with baby for last year 2009, 1st of April. Which is everyone knows it on a April Fool Day! Have been together for 9months, we have just went for neoprint for the first time. I have had it the noeprint now.. How's my feeling? HAPPY~ :D We have come to the beginning of the first year of 2010! I will turn even nasty whoever fool around with me. Not even baby is also giving a chance by me. Hahaha! Baby, you must have to suffer and tolerate my temper. Had a fun holiday with his family. We shopped around Town and baby and his brother cause their parent 400plus-500bucks. And not so bad, I got a present from baby's mum too (: Hey, baby. I just wanna tell you, you are a stupid boy but I am still loving you (: MUACKS! And please, think before you do. If not I will sure screw you up!

Therefore, we celebrated our Christmas eve by playing mahjong and me celebrated my New Year eve at grandma's house and baby celebrated with his family.

I had so much fun on our anniversary. Caught "Chaw" movie on that day. Its a funny show on the starting. While watching movie, a china girl keep kissing his boyfriend. They like not watching movie. Tsk tsk~! After show, we are on the way to exist. Baby told me he saw the china girl "boyfriend" pant never zip -.-! We was like derrr?! Alright, I shall not continue that.

Note: From baby
You changed my world with a blink of an eye

That is something that I cannot deny

You put my soul from worst to best

That is why I treasure you my dearest Shanel
You just don't know what you have done for me

You even pushed me to the best that I can be

You really are an angel sent from above

To take care of me and shower with love.

Love u dear. Muacks! ;D

In this 4pictures, which one is nice? (:


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