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Love is when reality is better than your dreams.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008 8:11 PM

Today my attitude was damn scuk & bad.
sorry for those whu i give my blck longggggg face ='(((((((( i'm soso sorry.
I was holding my tears whole day. I dun dare to cry out.
when after sch was sitting at the foyer with brother them.
& was played basketball alone, i used the ball with my high enegry throw all my temper out,
but it become worse... grrrrr.
Went back to foyer. was lying on the table,
brother was kip looking at miie. & melvin on a vryyyy sad song.
i listen & kept controlling my tears, but i cant le.
i kip shed my tears. & walk away.
Brother came & pei wo. cry until so jialut lurh =(((((((((((((((((((((((((
Just read his blog, 3more days he going to malaysia le.
will i miss him??? But i dun think he will miss miie bah.
maybe i had alrdy made the things goes worst le....
head going burst >.<

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 9:47 PM

OH GOD! What am i doing?
Whye i'm jealous when read finish someone blog???!
What i'm thinking about? I dunnoe what i wanted,
Can someone slap miie? & let miie cry out loud?
I'm in pain, i dunnoe whye i have this feeling =((((((
I want cry out & get myself sick & wun think too much.
But i just dun have tears. I'm scuk... grrrrrr
as someone said wo hao bu dao na li qu, i feel this words are hurt.
what i do to myself, he will nvr nvr noe!
cox what i said is all said out, as what he said.
You said at the point of time you were angry & sad. So i'm tooo!!!!
we always like this, what's the point being tgt? If we tgt,
sure will be tongku de. Will you understand??????
i wish to tok to you, But you wuld'nt let. you asked miie nort to msg le.
I'm missing you sumtimes, i dunnoe whye. OMG!!!! =(((((
what am i expecting for? idiot,scuk,stupid miieeeeee.

can i smoke? it's irrtating... HUMPF!

7more days to my buf'day :D whu will celebrate with miie?

Monday, January 28, 2008 9:58 PM

Was soooo tired, meeting girlfriend at 6 but end up we met at 6.30
we were too tired alrdy.
Meifeng din come to sch today & girlfriend was lonely in class as noone accompany her.
Veron & yangjia was just care about theirselve as debi told miie they ps her.
she was damn dulan lurh… tsk tsk..
Zhangyang was chase out from the class this morning,
cox he was in class without anything.
& he slept outside the classroom. -__________________-"
So i took pics of him.. wakakaka! it's damn funny.
Meifeng called miie when I’m on the way home,
she said she will be going to sch tml ^^miss her so much larh,
cox have a lot of things wanna share with her (:
Well, debi was piano-ing,
& i was sitting beside her taking photos.I'M BOLIAO :DDDDDD

9:40 PM

Our sleeping beauty. Always sleep in class.

8:41 PM


Sunday, January 27, 2008 3:11 PM

Okaus, I hate what you said to me !
"Now i noe you are this kind of person".
What kind of person i'm that to you?!
& you said you tout, you tout without any knowing & you SAY ME! ='(
I think you are the one whu lost everything then i lost :DD
How we or yourself save this relationship also nth use.
will you noe nxt thing what will happen????????
Nort i dun want accpect your patch, is i think you can find a suitable girl for yourself bah.
I think you are the one whu nvr treasure bah.

Everything is over
GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:06 AM

Went to attend my cousin wedding dinner.
when i the first moment i step inside, eda walking toward miie.
WOAH! i was damn shock. i nvr thought of that we will become relative.
Now she can be part of my cousin liao lurh, tsk tsk.
I was there, & it was damn sian alright. There was like no entertainment & is was just eat & eat & eat.
I rather dun attend this wedding dinner sua, It just like sitting there eat & see them sweet for an hourly nia -____________-''
This wedding dinner was damn lame, longlong story about this
Toke pics with mummy & Mel & our candi shot by my bro & myself :DDDDDD

I think whatever i did or anything, you will be unhappy bah. & i rather just stop here.
if you want patch, i must think all over & over again.
You can promise this wun happen if we patch back? I think it's impossible to be bah.
there is nth to tok much more lerh. it's seem all had stopped.

2:34 AM

Miie & herrrrr's (:

1:59 AM


Saturday, January 26, 2008 11:48 AM

Girlfriend call miie & wake miie up.
i tout what happen, she just oly want come my hus -_________________-"
Cox she wanna char bo her ballet class. Haha!
meeting her later, & go tm buy my staffs.
i was thinking that shuld i meet you? cox you stay near there.
But, girlfriend dun want then i guess nxt time i meeting you myself bah.
Later having dinner. Walalalala!
cant wait for my cousin & chat all craps.

*I miss the days ='(

Friday, January 25, 2008 11:03 PM

I started to love MUSIC so much! :DDDDD
I have another cca too.. CHOIR!
our first song, "YOU ARE THE MUSIC IN ME". I damn love this song, alright!.

Today dance was quite fun.
we did enjoyed & shah too ^^
We have alrdy polished all every single steps. & it looks fresh too. Haha!
wun be like so dead !..
New steps are coming up soon, will i enjoy? maybe..

#What you just now say out, i did happy. Really.
I din expect that. You make miie feel so alive. But is that bottom from your heart?
& what i said to you all, is all truth. Seriously.
Hope you can make miie smile what i used in past xDDD

Thursday, January 24, 2008 6:27 PM

Today both of my subject teacher din come, as they sick, i guess.
Was like no lesson the whole day!. We was just relaxing in the homeroom chitchat or sum whu were sleeping in class. Haha! & i was toking on the phone with dear.
Then weekiat came. Fcuk lurh, he damn kpo. You Dammmmmmn SO DOG!
I dislike you sumtime, you had too much on miie. You make miie so dualan.
DARLING(mf) & GIRLFRIEND(debi), You both had promise miie what you said.
I dun want to see that again. You both making miie heartaching so muchhhhhhh! =(((((
You both are the first friend that i drop tears for you both lurh.
Cox of they two bastard, I really cant stand it. They was attached.
& they can be happy & you both was crying for them & cutting yourself.
Hais, If you both break promise i sure will do what you both did ! & I SWEAR.
I dun wanna see you both so hurt deep.
"so ps that i cried in the canteen lurh, so many pple looked at miie. alamak."

Boy, no matter what happen & what it take,
I will always be supporting you. Cheer up. alright.
i dun wish to see you sad =(

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 6:40 PM

Today i was having a headache
it was fcuking pretty PAIN ='(

Met dear today :DDDD I was happy lurh.. Muahaha!
happy that today have such a GUD ENTERTAINMENT! It was damn freaking funny.
Meifeng, debi, veron & huning was so disiao lurh.. Haha
Meifeng & debi was acting U.S
Meifeng act as miie, debi was acting as ZHIXIANG !
So dumb & lame. We cant tahan & stand this twi girls.
Tsk Tsk. see dear first time laughed until cant tahan.
Haha! nxt target, will be watching movie with you. bleahs! xDD

Monday, January 21, 2008 5:28 PM

It was my ahma buf'day (:(:(:(: Happy buf'day ahma..
You getting older :/ Haha.. But you are healthy is alright, dun make us worry^^
We have tow table, one is for the adult & another is for US ( teen & 3 younger )
Haha. I was sitting beside my two Handsome boy cousin. They two brother wore red shirt.
& i was sitting in the middle. Haha.
My elder cuz help miie with the dishes. & he ate ALOT! omg,
He had ate so many bowl of rich. I just eat one bowl & I'M FULL.
He's a hungry ghost.. Always dinner he will take food for miie first then help for himself :D
We had chatted alot & he told miie abt all his staffs. GOOD LUCK ! ^^

Was meeting dear in the morning but he drunk & was meeting yangjia 6 down my hus,
but end up she din turn up & was woke up late =( walking lonely too sch again lurh.
& Girlfriend was giving miie attitude this morning tuu, cox of her ipod no batt =((((
Was damn angry & sad lurh. But end up we okaus lurh.
I tok tuh her first, dun wanna ps her. cox what i promise her wun be break ;)
Girl, You are the best girlfriend i ever wanted :D You always i trust the most.
when i'm sad you also always by my sad cheer miie up. NEVER NEVER
regreted having you as my girl xD

Last period was so shuang... WEEEeee !
MrPoh din come. Haha, i guess he was busy or sick bah.
Went tuh princess mac after sch. We saw huining came,
after that nxt is xinyan(CUTIES) & others :D
MF, BI & I was chit-chatting, Bi told her about ahbang thing lurh.
She cried =(((((
Then Zhikai kip looking at out table side. He was kip waving tuh mf..
Haha !!!!!!!!!!!
He was damn ps taking number from mf lurhhhhhh... tsk tsk. Had alot o fun inside the mac with my two girls & zhikai with his friends. Tml maybe he coming down tuh PYS.
Photo cant upload... fcuk _l_


Sunday, January 20, 2008 10:58 PM

Will be posting tml about today ^^
Sleeping.. sayonara :DDD

12:05 PM

Omg, Mdm anisa said that we have another preform nxt year for the SYF with the band.
& Just now tommy told miie that the wushu also joining. THATS IT!
Later pys cca have a special name.. Haha!
band + wushu + dance + ??? = bandanceshu.
very ang moh then also very cheenah
Just for the sake of Gold With Honours. tommee said

Just cant image that how the performance with band + dance + wushu.
its damn freaking weird my dear -.-
Update when i noe more about :DDDD
put for dinner later, will be back posting.

11:49 AM

I'm bored again ! so i decided tuh edit pic. Haha!
This pic nort so nice lurh. I anyhow edit.
Haha. dear the face looks damn gong man :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
I hope i can change for you ^^ You are the best, my dear boy (:(:(;
Dun get touched by miie.. haha..zzzz

Saturday, January 19, 2008 11:10 PM

Once again ! Went out dinner with my family again ^^
I was happy that can have dinner with them lurh.
Hais, i hope my parent dun quarrel cox of lil small things bah.
They are my best parent larh :DDDDDDDD
Bought my new school SHOOOOOOOOOES ;]
Woah! Just now dear told miie CMY he going tuh malaysia for 3 DAYSSSSS !! ='((((((
I will miss you the lurh......Omg, hope the time flys faster.
I promise you i wun go find other guys & will wait for you tuh be back ^^
Hais, i will tahan the lonelyness when you are nort around T.T


Friday, January 18, 2008 7:30 PM


Have no enegry tuh dance.
Shah was so mad with miie ='( I kip repeating the wrong steps i had made.
This was the first time he scold miie so fierce lurh. Almost cry
This is nort the standard i usually have used. Hope i can polish up the steps clearly bah.
Forget it lurh... He was my dance teacher, just bear with it all i can. Sigh!

Stupid WEIHONG, you are damn boodly horny "toward miie" -____-"
You have change alot man. I can't stand the way you are now.
Dun try tuh be prevent lurh.. I dun like sia !... Go find a stead for yourself &
fcuk whatever you like.. zzz.. idiot.

Thursday, January 17, 2008 10:33 PM


10:20 PM

nort cpa is teacher. MISS SAW.
you are damn damn scuk man. 321 & 322 are disliking you !
we NT(s) class can study without you.
We want MR WIE! He is much more better then you.
we just dislike you the way what you tok & give us the "FACE"
You are disgusting man! FATSO.

yus & rus was fighting in class today.
They are fierce man. The whole class dun even dare tuh stop them.
hope they are still friend. Cant believe they will be fighting.

Dear, nvms lurh.. Haha!
I noe you are tired. sleep more.. LIKE MIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :DD
monday then meet you (: tml have fun with your friends wors ^^

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 5:40 PM

Ily boy, you are my oly one :D Haha!
i'm waiting for you, my girls & boys celebrate with miie my buf'day :)
i sleep early each nights. Haha!
So i have the energy tuh entertian my friends & you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 6:14 PM

Just rain heavily. Haha! but i manage tuh reach home by 6.
tsk tsk. Was tired lurh.
Going sleep soon. Lols!
tml is our first month ! ^^ i love you lurh.

Monday, January 14, 2008 7:01 PM

Morning, I was so damn emo~
I dunnoe whye.. Hais... walking along the way, my tear start sheding =(
maybe just cant bear tuh let him go bah. But i choose tuu.
How dumb i'm !
Hais, forget it lurh. shed my tear also nth return. Lols!
Stupid lurh, today phone kena confiscated by MARTIN CHAN(potato)
then mother come down.. Lmao. Damn stupid lurh.
Get back my phone lerh, then went home with mummy.
Then changed clothes go down meet daddy.
After that veron,jl,hp & their friend. dunnoe what name :DDDDDDDD
Having a great tok fun ! Haha! they makes miie cheerup lurh..
Will meet them often (: hehe! tml meeting them again lurh..
sian. Tml the klas end at 3 =(((((((

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Sunday, January 13, 2008 7:13 PM

Sigh! zhixiang, i'm sorry.
i cox of everythings happen. all the blame its on miie bah.
If in the very first place i din tok tuh you on phone & so on,
we will become like this bah. Its maybe i'm tuu alone that time. nidd sumone tuh chat bah.
Actually i had tried tuh put in love in you bah. & i did love you tuu.
But now..i think forget it bah. I see your blog lerh. you still love your ex, i guess.
I shuld nort accpected you in the veryyy first place & i shuld think before i do.
i tout i really have you, but i was wrong. i also think we shuld noe well then we begain this.

Saturday, January 12, 2008 9:55 PM

Thanks for accompany miie.
You had makes miie become a laughter again :D
i can sumtime never noe myself. & you can cheer miie up.
I just want myself tuh be happy, what can i do?

Went tuh take cert, I was so PS larh ! cox wore uni..
Haha! saw amandy...Lols! heng, i nort alone. These days i just dun feel like being alone.
i dunnoe whye. maybe i tuu comfortable with friends & boyfriend.
After that went out dinner with parent.
Haha ! Ate STEAMBOAT! Just dun have the appetite...Hais


Friday, January 11, 2008 8:19 PM

CPA is the mostttttttttt boring klas.
i had this lesson man ! Grrrrrr...
Today after sch. Settle one boliao thing...
they tout i pangwei, THATS IT!
Pls, now you all find out the truth alrdy. & i'm clear :D
Now they noe whu is the one whu like tuh pangwei lurh...
wanna try tuh pangwei & hai wo...Forget it man. You lose.
You just lost your face infront of us..Haha! Heng no boys chap in.
If nort they surely say you.. i tell you.
If want act one pk, pls......act on real one. & nort in the end become one pangwei kia
i dun like... You want hate miie, come so. I dun give you damn.
you show miie face & you noe what i will show you back.
Friend with miie. i will be kind tuh you.
i will be kip looking at you. Lols ! Your attitude is becoming damn scuk.
Just become a nice person. surely many pple will like you.
you said you cant change. You never try, how you will noe you can or cant.
Noe you 3yrs liao. Your attitude is becoming dunnoe like how.
every each days you just change. i tout you will be nice this yr. But...
i dun think so.
If you wanna continue the way you are now. go do so. Noone will stop you..
you will regret. i promise.!

7:50 PM

Tuesday, January 08, 2008 9:57 PM

Girl, just sent miie this pic. she editied. WOOT! & i love it man. it was cool
it seem like our part of childhood. The playground is just beside us :DDDDDDDDDDD

9:43 PM

Omg ! i forget tuh bring some of the books i needed tuh bring.
But heng. This is the second day oly. i love all my teacher now.
They are sweet & cute ! :DDDDDDD

Today two NT klases stays back for our HOT PROGRAM! Haha!
it was cool man. & we did enjoy ourself. 321 coach of ours was FUN!
he danced & walked cat walk...Lmao! Our coach is ROCK man!
But i had abit no energy today...THATS IT!
feel like sleeping in the klas when the coach was toking all tat stupid crap staffs.
but for sum oly.

MET DEAR JUST NOW ! WEEeee. Was fun just now. cox girlfriend was abit gone case.
Lols ! next week is our one month lurh. i hope you wun forget (: alright. mwarkks!

Monday, January 07, 2008 9:48 PM

Today first day of lesson.

It was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
the klas was full of entertainment. LOLS~ rohaizat was the funniest in my klas.
happy go lucky. He makes sad pple tuh become happy. wat a smart of him. Haha!
Everytime we kena attracted by his attention. & the last period lesson rock my ass!
Lols ! you noe wat. nabji steam himself. dance with a sexy body. DOTS !
I was shock tat sly wanna jio miie. tsk tsk. cant believe tat. he sees miie,
he shy.
Tml meeting dear lurh. Haha! he was damn fcuking cute lurh...Lols !
kena miie disiao :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i noe you cant tahan miie liao
tml you will noe more from miie & my girl :D Bleahs !
we make you rock...Haha !

I miss taking photo with her :DDD

Saturday, January 05, 2008 7:09 PM

Today went back tuh sch again, having our orientation.
it was damn damn boring lurh. Heng, sum sec1 student joining,
if nort teacher will bend the club of ours, & we dun wish tuu.
After the thing ends. i went tuh bedok princess mac meet daddy lurh :D miss him so much ya.!
then we went tuh tm mac meet jason, when we reached,
i sat down & chitchat with girlfriend abit, she seem so bored lurh.
then i saw wendy... Haha! Long long time also never see her lurh.
then went tuh zinc, daddy bought miie a bagggyyyyy !
I Love It So So Much !!!!!!!!! it was sooooo ex(!!!)
$45++ sia. Tsk Tsk !
He was so dote miie lurh. I will never forget how my gan treat miie gud :DDDDDDDDDDD
after buying went tuh under blk slack, they both kip chitchating, i was so quiet listening oly
& I dun wish tuh tok. cox i noe sumthing, Hais ~

its going tuh be 6. daddy pei wo take bus8 go home then from my hus here go back tuh bedok xg find his friends.
DADDY ! THANKS ALOT LURH. Hope you wun want MIA again.

Thursday, January 03, 2008 10:51 PM

Today having entertainment by a new comer female teacher.
she was so funny when she speaks.
after tat we went back tuh our own klases. was in klas sleeping..zzz~
The stupid fat pig alvin. kip pitching miie siol. His face damn kuku, really..Haha!
met deardear again, lalala~ Stupid you lurh ! so slow. lazy tuh update the lastes part after meeting HIM !........LOLS~

Wednesday, January 02, 2008 5:53 PM

Year 2008
Sad & happy time (:

First day of school, last ytd din sleep well tuu, & i'm so damn tired today.
& met dear today, slack at pwincess mac with girlfriend & dear.
Girlfriend was so entertainment. Haha ! dear laughed at a conner.
after tat we pei girl go take bus17, she go home we go sammy hus, Lols !
i wasn't dare go in tuh his hus. Somehow weird bahs, dear noes them but i din.
Actually wanted pei dear go watch movie but in the end never.
cox i'm damn damn tired & cant tahan. but i wanted tuh watch with him. Hais ~
I think he is angry bahs, but he din say anything. I dunnoe you giving miie a face or wat.
But i did really think you give miie a attitude face. Sigh~
I was hurt sia. You din tok tuh miie.
Just send miie tuh the busstop interchange.
when i board on the bus i almost cried =(((((((((((((((((
Just now i almost cut my hand tuu.
Omg ~ I rather i hurt my hand & i dun want you hurt my heart.
maybe i broke my promise tuh you, nort watching movie with you.
Nvms, it seem sumtime you dunnoe anything bahs T.T

Tuesday, January 01, 2008 12:35 AM

Hais~ Boyfriend is sick =(((((((((((((((


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