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Love is when reality is better than your dreams.

Blog posts.

Saturday, February 27, 2010 10:06 PM

Drink = Drank = Drink! (Y)

Back here.. Doesn't want to make my blog so dead! Have been drinking for the past 2days & made myself very drunk. Did stupid stuffs and talk lots of craps when I didn't even know what am I doing. And and.., I can actually managed to attend school when I was drunk before the day. (Y) Am I a fool to anyone? "There's many ways to cure stress, drinking is hiding from reality." This is what all my friends told me. YES! I am hiding from it. I can't face the reality. As what everyone thinks, let nature take it course. Alright then! Shanel gonna be a drunkard soon ;( I am sorry, peeps!
Further more, I still love my cliques.♥

Thursday, February 25, 2010 2:13 PM

Does love really conquers?

I really don't understand! I am stucked right here again. I felt like I am just a fool to anyone. What's with me again? I can tell you guys, I am feeling freaking fucking down now. CAN YOU UNDERSTAND?! I keep telling myself, things will be fine. But it seems to be worst! What should I do? From now, drinking & smoking will be my life. DEFINITELY! I know you won't care, so would I even care about myself? Think hard* I feel terrible than you. (Y) We have been keep quarrelling. Everything you said, you counted. Me?! Afterall, what am I to you? FML _l_ I won't be blogging for the time being. Drinking sessions! Anything, text or call me.

A good part of the day today is an extension of the opportunity period of yesterday, Aquarius. What this means for you is that now there are things at work that require "adjustment." This kind of adjustment is like a temporary inconvenience, like having to drive slowly because of a damaged tire. You may benefit from the expert advice of another regarding a complex problem, but don't rely on their advice about everything: stick to your own counsel regarding money matters. Rely on what you like and are good at, and let someone else handle the rest.
Could this be true? I am tired for now :'(

12:59 AM

I still remembered, baby said this picture cute!
But I, myself don't find it caused I think I am acting cute.

I am not gonna be a cheerful Shanel as before. Hurts bring me down! I don't know what's more can I do. Nothing to talk about. Come, if anyone wanna drink tmrl, let me know. I will be there in nowhere!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 1:29 AM

AWWW! I am quite upset now. *CRYING*
Baby really have a great misunderstanding in me.
I just love you, my boy! :(

Ps: Can anyone call & chat with me?! Moodless.


This post will only for this guy I loved! (: IVAN LIN! Baby, even though you asked me not to blog it BUT I am still gonna blog about it. Seriously, I am gonna say it here clear! I LOVE YOU.

I love your smile, I love your laughter, I love your jokes & craps, I love your everything, & I even love your stupidness.

To be frank, I enjoyed my day with you today. Went down to fetch you after work and see you so tired, I don't really feel good. Even you are tired, you will try ways to cheer me up. If you're sensitive, I am even more! I scared of losing you! :'( As our promises, I won't forget it. As you said, you will love me everything. And of course, I love you too! I have forgotten about the past tense. If I still keep it in my heart, I wouldn't accepted you. You are not my tool, you are my BOYFRIEND! I missed you saying all those sweet words ;( And lastly, I love you baby. I gave you my trust.. Do you?

Time heals everything, bi...

Friday, February 19, 2010 6:37 PM

Life is always unfair.

What an unlucky day. It wasn't my day yesterday. I was caught red handed by smoking with Wenn in Gents Toilet from DM. I was about to ask Matthew something with my stick holding on my hand and point, "Matt, later you wanna go play pool with us?" I just finished talking, and DM bang the door in and said: "ALL GIVE ME YOUR EZ-LINK." We were like soo stunt, looking at one another.Went to office & wrote a report. Chit-chatting with dm happily inside the conference room like as if we are friend -.-" I am so gonna prove you wrong! (:

1:42 AM

Life is always unfair, and you must face the reality.
So, I'll be moving on....

Thursday, February 18, 2010 12:28 AM

What a great new year I enjoyed yesterday. Knew lots of new friends from my cousin (: Yeah, they are so sweet & kind. Lost money to my aunt! -.-" Every year, was like her luck. She won of her blackjack most of the time. Nevemind, next year sure fight back. LOL!! RAH~~

Monday, February 15, 2010 10:21 AM

Fml, it's my fault.

Saturday, February 13, 2010 1:02 AM


Back to topic;
School as usual. Met up with Wenn at around 7plus then went to meet "dumb" at Payar Lebar. Headed to school together. I felt something amissed, maybe my mood has gone down for the time being. I am really having a shits thoughts in my mind now & then. Late-d for class and I slept in class too -.-! It's always so boring in Lim's lesson. Nothing much in school today too.

Went back home to recharged my engery. Phone keep ringing and I get so irritated! -.-" Woke up around 5pm plus and get prepared to meet up with Wenn. Accompany her to Bugis to shop (: Wanted to meet up someone but ended up didn't able to meet. Just ate a meal for the whole day nia. Tsk* Recently got not much appetite to eat. Hmmm..! Shop around and we got ourselves the same friendship bend :D Met up with friends for awhile and then headed home. Boring*

School > Home > Bugis > Home.

Thursday, February 11, 2010 1:06 AM

Back to reality.
I can't probably face the reality all by myself. Cause I am scared to face the fact. It was all sooooooo happening! Maybe I wasn't good enough for anybody else. I don't know? I will be happy if I wasn't born out.

School suck! Everyone was so moody and I can't help anyone ;( What a bad day! Today, Wenn went off early & I was like missing her now and then. She's the only person that I can face to and she will always be there cheering me up whenever I am feeling low. Thanks, my dear girl. Hopefully she won't be skipping school often.

Went home straight after school with Sam. Met up with Marc after that and I went off to shower then meet them again. By the time I reached kfc, Marc finished eating. WTH! Heard Sam said that someone inside toilet watching pon and pcc -.-! What a cock man~ Headed to Marina Sqaure after that. Caught ToothFairy. Omfgzxzxzxz! Nice show. I LIKEEEEE :D After the movie, we went to slack awhile and they cab me home. Whao, soooo nice of them (: Thanks guys.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 1:20 AM

Things will never be easy as what you think;

I went to read someone's blog. Yeah, you should know that's you! YES! I am busying like always. So? If you think you love that person, you shouldn't keep irritate her. Like, keep asking her the same question. As you know, she won't like it -.-! You know her well most. She said, she will make the decision soon, MEANS WILL! If you don't trust the person you love, what for? You still never change. I thought you will change but no, you don't. There will be "Something worth fighting for."
Hais, it's not gonna be that simple ;( You don't even know how I am suffering now.

Sunday, February 07, 2010 12:56 AM

Goodnight, people!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010 6:51 PM

Love is our Resistance
They'll keep us apart, they won't stop breaking us down

Well, spammers has getting a among in my tagboard. Tsk tsk! I won't even go bother it cause I can predict who is doing it (: You can spam more in my blog and I am welcoming you in. Do whatever you like, yeah? I believe you will have karma (: If you dare, put your name down and don't hate behind your parent back. Tsk! Useless people -.-!

It has been few days I didn't able to blog. Well, I was busying with my chalet stuffs. Prepared everything for my chalet.

Day 1 (29/01/2010)
Went to school as per normal. After school, Chris, Tristan & Yue Han followed me back home and Wee Kiat came afterward. Headed lunch and get prepared to check in. It was a 5mins walks. LOL! We can't even find my chalet until Tristan run off and ask the person. Zzz! How stupid we were man. Night, my clique came. Went to fetch them. Got surprised from them. I was soooo touched till I turned to mute. Played true or dare. Had lots of fun. Tonned till 6am.

Yeah, tell you guys a joke! It's really funny for me. BIG MATT SNORED BESIDE MY EAR -.-! I tap him shoulder and wanted to ask him lower down but I think it's the wrong timing. When I tapped him, he snored even louder. I was like: OMFG! Sam did a stupid thing. After Wenn went off not awhile. He was like so drunk and rang her. Asking where she is and stuffs.

*I won't forget about Wenn & me doing funny things inside the toilet. The both of us like an idiot dancing inside while showering. Hahaha! :/" Okay, stop here.

Day 2 (30/01/2010)
Woke up at around 2plus though I am still tired. Matthew snoring is power. Hahaha! I really can't get to sleep if someone is snoring inside the room. I know Matt is tired, so I won't blame him. MATTHEW MY "PANDA" :D Went to played mahjong afterward. Cool, I keep winning :D Ordered mac for our lunch.

Bbq starts at 6plus. Lol! SO LATE -.-! Was busying fetching people up and down. Zzz! Luckily noone lost their way inside, if not I don't know how to save them. LOL!! YEAH, BIRD CAME. I miss him so much, can?! Tsk. We were busying our own stuffs in Ite. Hopefully get to see him again ;D

Second night, everyone slept early. Cause we were too tired. And also happened things inside the room. HA! I found a bolster. SAM'S LEG. Kelvin and I hugged his leg and nearly sleep. So nice to rest on. HAHAHA! Kept ticker him till he knock on Yue Han's head. Rofl! Kian aka Sam's baobei. *Laughed! One the night, Kian was so noisy, can! We were all asleep and suddenly he stand up and sing. Wth! No link...

Day 3 (31/01/2010)
Goodbye Jan! ;( I miss those fun. I feel like rewinding back, but can I? Last day of chalet and we checked out at 9plus. Everyone went back home to sleep. Miss my hamsters (; Thought of going out but I was too tired, so rested at home. Nothing much on this day.

#SORRY PEOPLE. I will upload pictures and send you guys real soon. Chill and wait for the pictures :D


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