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Love is when reality is better than your dreams.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009 12:58 AM

L-O-V-E, Aimer.

Je t'aime, bébé! In a blink of an eye, its going to be our 6th months this thursday. Full of laughter I had being with you. Sadness is when you made me vent my anger on you, see you being heartache and sad faces you have gave ;( I don't request much. I just want you, dearly (: You are my desire. Sometimes, I think I might not have been a good girlfriend but I hope nothing can affect our relationship. Losing you is painful to me. I love you, sweetie! :D Happy Advance Anni.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 10:33 PM

I miss you, cousin! :(
See you around soon.
Lots of love <33

12:21 AM

( I am sooooo in love with you. )
Dear and meeeeeee got our hair cut! (: Dear have a decent looks now and meeeee love it. He looked like a small boy. Rofl! :D 8more days to our half year. So what you guys thinks that we have been together for sooooo short time only but you will never know how loving are we (: You guys will never know what's dear is going to bring me to have our lunch/dinner. Oh damn, I am famished now :/ *Laughed!! Anyway, I am not attending to school tmrl ;( Goooooooooooodbye.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 1:09 PM

HEYYOooooooooooooo! (:
I am currently having cpa now and I am bored to death! ;( That's nothing to do in comp lab for 2hours in here. I am killing my time by chit-chatting and surfing the net. Later going for my hair cut, I will post pictures with my hair cut! :D Got my class photo this morning, GRRRRRREAT! I LOVE THE PICTURE. Gonna have a memorable day in my class421. (: 15mins more to goooooooooooo! Bye, people.

Sunday, September 20, 2009 1:26 AM



Let's rock! (:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 11:11 PM


7:24 PM

It takes one step at a time.

To my love;
You are the only one can feel my heartbeat for you. You are the only one can feel my breathing. You are the only one I miss so much. You are the only one can made me cry for you. You are the only one can made me think of you whenever I need you. You are the only one can brighten up my life. And you will always be the one I.Love.The.Most.Honey! (:

How many "you are the only one" can be? Thought we quarrelled several times but you will always be part of my life. Without you, how I am going to move on? Cheer me up is what you always did whenever I am down. Hugging me tightly in your arm, I feel your warm. Wiping up my tears, I feel your care. I am fear of darkness and you will be there keeping me company. I can't deny and this is what you have always do your part. You will never fail to be my boyfriend all I have requested for. Thanks boy!


Sunday, September 13, 2009 5:13 PM

Yeah, went to dear's house in the afternoon and we went over to johnny's place to meet him and his dad brought us to the chalet. It was the 1st day of chalet on friday! (: HAPPY BIRTHDAY 18TH BITRHDAY TO JOHNNY AND CHEE BOON. It was chee boon birthday today. We have sang a song he had for his wished "Zhu Wo Sheng Ri Kuai Le." The whole clique sang for him and he admitted that he was touched. I can see his eyes fill with tears and he just walked away without a word just like this. We were stun and we thought he wasn't in a good mood but actually not. I was drunk for the first day. It because there is something happened. I wasn't in a good mood. I cried! :( I can't hold back my tears. I am sorry! Yangjia came afterwards. Had a enjoyable day yesterday. Had mahjong at dear's house first. Eugiene came and afterwards valerie, yvoone and alex. Head over to chalet around 8plus. Cake cutting was at 11pm plus. Hopefully you guys won't get any trouble and dear, whatever you do, I will always support you. I love you honey, always!

Friday, September 11, 2009 12:37 AM

You may not always come off this way to poeple, but inside you may feel it. You most likely have nothing to not be confident about! But the weakness here is the fact that no matter what people tell you... You still can't let go of some form of insecurity. If you want to show the world who you are, you're going to have to accept who you are.

Yeah, tmrl is johnny and chee boon chalet. We are going there to have some party :D Friday - Sunday. I think I will be blogging on sunday, should be? And by the way, today is dear mum's brithday! I gave her a lovely cup! (: Haha. I wrapped it like a sweet and with a birthday card I made it by myself. Lmao! Hopefully she will like the present I gave her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNTY! :D

Saturday, September 05, 2009 12:31 AM


Went over to dear's house and headed to woodlands at around noon. 1 hour ride on the bus. Z! Such a long journey. Yeah, finally we got there and waited for fremen to come over to causeway point. Headed pizza hut while waiting for shaun. Headed to smoke and bought cake for yi ying! (: Went to fremen's house for mahjong after that! Didn't win, infact lost alot -.-! No luck today. Sway~ Playing mahjong while waiting for daren and his girlfriend to come over to have dinner together. 7plus they reaches and had dinner and cake cutting! :D AND...............

What you guys are smiling at? Ha.

He's trying to make a fool out of himself. *Laughed!

Ice-cream cake! :D Yum yum.

Smokey, smokey.

With all laughter. Daren made me laugh -.-!

After cutting cake, went for mahjong again and we lost alot. Tsk! We thought of wining back but its difficult. Daddy came fetch me and dear home! (: And dear slacked at my house and went home after showering! Hehe. Tmrl going k :P

Thursday, September 03, 2009 7:22 PM

PS: Baby is sleeping soundly since late afternoon! She's damn good at sleeping. Really need to take my hat off to her.
I miss her! ;(

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 11:08 PM

Learn to "Cherish & "Treasure"
Happy 5th month anniversary, dearly.
Cooling weather, makes me sleep soundly. Woke up in the noon and I thought it was still early checked the time and went to prepare. It was raining heavily and went out at 2pm plus. Head to had our lunch at mac and it was a random choice cause the both of us has no preference of what to hunt for. Headed to cineleisure after lunch and get our tickets for, Year One. It was a kinda funny show. Lmao! After movie met johnny and alvin outside ceni at 7plus. Went for dinner with bee and the others ps us without telling us they left the place, so we've no choice and went to Coffee Club and slacked while chit-chatting with dearly! (: Reached home around 10plus. Thought it was a simple day for me but I still likes it! :D It doesn't matter where you belong but it matter where's your heart and your soul. You'll kept in my heart and I'll curved your name to stain it! I love you for who you're, definitely! MUACKS!


Went to school yesterday cause I was wondering what are those activites we'd in the morning. We'd hip hop and there were 2 guys teaching us how to dance and they were performing IT WAS REALLY COOL! :D Headed back for lesson. And 10am its our pe lesson, I thought it was our recess so I headed to canteen. LOL! And I realised all it all lower sec :/12pm, whole school headed to hall and yeah it was a boring celebration. We all were stonning in the hall and listening to craps.


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