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Love is when reality is better than your dreams.

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Monday, November 19, 2007 10:47 PM

YAY !! meet up with girlfren again (;
she was sick =( but hope she can recover soon :D
Hahahhas..had lunch with her in mac..Lols !..cox we have meeting in "bedok" Lame luhs..
summore..damn sian sia -.-
attend oso no use..Lols ! it was just cheering oly..ie rather stay at home slp as and wen ie like..lmao
But dey still have joke(s) tuh share...Hahahhas..girlfren was so siao -.- she was LAME..
she wasn't cheering but shouting..Haahhas..mad girl man...
Wah ! summore we have our free meal in Macdonals..yahooo!!..was so hungry and nth tuh do..Kekes..heng dey gort emc ferr us..
we had spend so many hours just sitting dere ferr cheering oly...OMG !!..SO SIAN!!
derhs cheer was damn stupid lorhs..sure laugh..

When matching in :Z O N E T W O ..... Z O N E T W
1) When play game :

Go Z2 Go Go Z2 Z2.....*3

2) When Z2 wins the game :
Z2 the Utitimate .... Z2 the Best.....
Z2 the utitimate,,,,We are the BEST*3

3) When Z2 dun win :
Its ok its alright.... Z2 spirit always high*2

4) Cheer Chant :
Hey hey You You We are from the Z2
No Way No Way You gonna beat us
Hey Hey You You we are from the Z2
Watch Me Watch Me we gonna WIN you.

5)Cheer Lead Shout ... WHO IS THE BEST ...
Z2 Z2 is the BEST
Z2 Z2 Go for GOLD
Z2 Z2 Fight for GOLD
Z2 Z2 Win for GOLD
This is my Country, This is my Flag, This is my McDonald, This is my Zone
This is my family, These are my friends, WE ARE Z2 Z2 NUMBER ONE

wen ie was practising derhs cheer with dem ie kip laughing..cox derhs cheer was so weird...but after awhile ie found it quiet fun :D gort a guy manager was dere tuu..he dun look like working person he just like a poly student..OMG! he looks so YOUNG !!..summore looks HANDSOME...Hahahahas..Lols!..


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