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Saturday, October 04, 2008 9:25 PM

Hello all the readers out there who is reading this post! A very good evening to you guys! Dan is here to post about today! If you realise the date today, its 041008! Its me and dear officially a month together! Time past really fast and all those good and bad memories are drilled into my brain! But I will still prefer those good memories! =P! Lets move on to those things that happen today! =P!

Its a tiring morning for me as I was listening to my grandma's story yesterday night! Though I wanted to sleep but I was interested in her stories! LOLS! Lucky I manage to catch some sleep just before I meet dear in the morning! Alright! The morning weather simply suck and I'm wearing all black today! And its a common sense thing that black clothes does absorb more heat! I went over to meet dear at her house void deck and we headed over to Toa Payoh interchange after that! I was waiting for Leonard while dear is waiting for her cousin! When dear cousin arrived they both left for the Community Club! Well! Never for once Leonard will reach before the time! He will alway be there on time or he is late! When he arrived its about 12.40 and we headed over to Mos Burger to slack! At first we wanted to have lunch there but it seem like there lots of human being there so we just went to walk around! While walking around I gave dear a phone call and we wanted to meet each other for a while! But who know, instead of meeting a while we have lunch together! LOLS! We had lunch at Mac which is directly opposite the CC! LOLS! Just before we started having our lunch a guy came to meet us! Well! I can't do any introduction because I never speak to him for the whole day! =x After our lunch, dear start to study and her cousin started studying and Leonard and I was chit chatting among ourselves! Well! I broke a promise today due to some reason! While dear is studying, she seem kind of tired so all I can do is disturb her and keep her awake! I'm sorry dear! The next month I try my best not disturb you during our anniversary! Alright! The whole afternoon we've been doing this till evening approach! We're chase out of the Mac because we're not eating and other customer need the seats! We're left with no choice but to leave the mac! After we left the mac, we went our seperate way from dear's cousin! So me, dear and leonard went to walk around Toa Payoh! While walking dear was told to meet his dad at amk central after her dad have his dinner! We trained down to amk central in advance and we shop around there for about an hour and at first dear wanted to go home without her dad but in the end his dad wanted to fetch her so it seems like I have no choice but to call it a day! Well after that Leonard and I went our on way and HOME SWEET HOME! : D

Alright readers! That so much for today! Though on the actual day itself we didn't go much places but in the end we still manage to celebrate our anniversary in a nice manner which is yesterday! : D Anw, I'm off to have my dinner and await for PeiNi's post alright! Here an advance goodnight to all the readers! GOODNIGHT AND ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND! CHEERS!*


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