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Saturday, November 29, 2008 11:12 PM

#01. Who's th person who tagged you?
Lim Yiling.

#02. Relationship between you and her?

#03. Your five impression of her?
Adorable, funny, cheerful, crazy. I only can think of four.

#04.if she becomes your enemy , you will?
I’m not sure!

#05.What will you say to the person you like very much?
What’s come arcoss my mind, I’ll just say it out :)

#06. characteristics i like about myself?
I don’t know.

#07. characteristics i hate about myself?
My fcuking attitude.

#08.for the person whom you hate,you say?
I’ll just say, GET AWAY FROM MY SIGHT. And I’ll say out whatever is on my mind.

#09.What do people feel about you?
I not sure. I’ll hack care if it’s anything bad about me.

#10. Your crush?

#11.most ideal person you wanna be?
Of cause my dearest Daniel :)

#12. Pass this quiz to 10 people
1. Angelin
2. Melissa
3. Weilin
4. Jason
5. Shuen
6. Meifeng
7. Amandy
8. Sylvia Lo
9. Yuqing
10. Aria

#13. if 5 & 7 were together?[Shuen and Amandy]
They don’t know each other.

#14.Who does 5 like? [Angelin]

#15.what colour does 9 like?[Yuqing]
Eh, I don’t know.

#16.Say something to 8 [Sylvia Lo]
Hi! :D

#17.Who is 2 [Melissa]
Cousin! :D

#18.Talk about 3 [Weilin]
She somehow understand people sometime and she’s hyper girl. Hahas!

#19.Who is 10's best friend [Aria]
Oh! She uh, she’s my dancer :)

#20.Whose th sexiest among all 10?

#21.what colur does no4 like.? [Jason]

#22.is 4 single?[Jason]
I suppose.

#23.your relationship with 1. [Angelin]

#24.Are 5 & 6 best friends? [Shuen and Meifeng]
Only Meifeng. Lols.

#25.9's surname [Yuqing]
Not sure.

#26.7's nickname [Amandy]

#27.say something to 8 [Sylvia Lo]
Stay pretty and cheerful :)

#28.Say something to help 9 [Yuqing]
Eh, I don’t know. Z!

#29. Who does 1 admire? [Angelin]

#30.Where does 1 live? [Angelin]
Bedok South.

#31.10 of them know who you like?

#32.Say something to 6 when you see her?[Meifeng]
I don’t know.

#33.10's spouse?[Aria]

"I finally done with all this lame quiz. Z!"


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